Start your journey as a commissaire this autumn #BehindEveryRace

Start your journey as a commissaire this autumn #BehindEveryRace

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Welsh Cycling confirms Assistant Commissaire Training Courses for autumn 2015 in Wales and border regions.

Assistant Commissaire courses are being offered in the disciplines of BMX, Cyclo Cross, Track and Road with information on date sand locations available here. The entrance point to becoming a Commissaire is on the Assistant Commissaire course. This British Cycling course blends pre course online learning with the face to face delivery of a one day course.

The pre course learning covers areas such as anti-doping, safeguarding and protecting children as well as conflict management.  This enables the day to focus on the roles and responsibilities of a Commissaire, pre, during and post event.

Once candidates have completed the course they will be fully fledged Assistant Commissaires. In order to then progress up the pathway as seen below, practical experience is gained shadowing active volunteers. 

Each course for the different cycling disciplines follows the same format. Upon completion you will need to attend 3-6 events depending on the discipline to progress to the regional level.

View Commissaire Training Courses coming up this autumn.

If you are interested in becoming a commissaire, please contact Alistair Waldron on