Child Protection: Welsh Cycling


Child Protection

Welsh Cycling is fully committed to ensuring that all cyclists, parents, coaches and officials have only positive experiences when participating in the sport in Wales.

Welsh Cycling, as part of British Cycling, has adopted the Policy and Procedures for the protection of Children and Vulnerable adults in cycling, copies of which are available via the Welsh Cycling office.

Welsh Cycling has also recently formed a Child Protection steering group to ensure that the very best practices are being adopted in Wales. The group is currently formulating an action plan which will include:

1. A systematic prioritised roll out of full DBS checks for all Coaches and Officials in Wales.

2. Ensuring that all Clubs in Wales that have junior members have a Child Protection Officer.

3. Ensuring that all Welsh Cycling members have access to a Good Practice in Child Protection workshop if required.

For any issues regarding Child Protection, please contact Welsh Cycling on 01633 274691.