Welsh Cycling Commissions

Welsh Cycling Commissions


Welsh Cycling currently has four operational commissions that meet regularly to overview specific areas of cycle sport in Wales.

The Commissions deal with specific issues concerning all six cycle disciplines, representing members, volunteers, coaches, partners and paid staff. They offer expert advice, support and guidance to the Welsh Cycling Board of Directors and Senior Management Team appropriately. Commission members include elected Directors with specific skills in the area, employed staff, and appointed individuals with knowledge of the particular area.

Competition & Event Safety Commission

The Competition & Event Safety Commission of Welsh Cycling guides the planning, evaluation, safety and monitoring of standards for competition across all six cycle discplines in Wales including road, track, mountain bike, Cyclco-cross, BMX, and Cycle Speedway.

The Commission meets approximately quarterly in South East Wales, to review and endorse the annual calendar of cycling competition in Wales across all cycle disciplines or respond to matters arising. It offers advice and support to guide the development of competition pathways, resources and education.  

The Commission is also supports the directing of the Community Safety Accreditation Scheme (CSAS) which includes the training and employment of accredited cycle event marshals, working with Gwent Police.  

Current members of the Competition & Event Safety Commission are:
Liz Slater (Chair), Chris Landon, Neil McKenzie, William Pring, Anne Russell, Lyn Ryland

Minutes of the Competition & Event Safety Commission

September 2014 | May 2014 | March 2014 | November 2013 | October 2013 | July 2013 | April 2013 | January 2013

Performance Commission

The Performance Commission guides the planning, evaluation, and establishment of standards for all high- performance areas of Welsh Cycling.

The Commission meets once a quarter to review all Welsh Cycling high-performance programmes, offering advice and guidance on key areas and initiatives including Commonwealth Games selection and strategy, performance pathways and athlete development.   

Current members of the Performance Commission are:
Chris Landon (Chair), Ann Bevan, Matt Cosgrove, Alun Owen, Darren Tudor

Development Commission

The Development Commission guides the planning, delivery and monitoring of the development areas of Welsh Cycling, and to ensure the delivery of the 2013 - 2020 strategy.

The commission meets quarterly in South East Wales to review the development programme and to offer support and advice to the development team in Wales. The terms of reference for the group can be seen here.

Current members of the Development Commission are:
Shirish Kulkani (Chair), Ruth Evans Owen, Shirish Kulkarni, Jonathon Moody, Georgina Harper

If you are interested in being a part of the Development Commission, please contact Georgina Harper at Georgina.harper@welshcycling.co.uk

Minutes of the Development Commission

24 February 2014 | May 2014 | September 2014 | February 2015 | July 2015 | September 2015 | December 2015