Win for Wales at Inter Area Cylo Cross Team Championships

Win for Wales at Inter Area Cylo Cross Team Championships


Wales secured the team win at the Inter Area Cyclo Cross Team Championships in Chesterfield on Sunday 9 November.

The Wales A senior men’s team finished ahead of Yorkshire and East Midlands to take the 2014 title, with Wales B senior men also finishing inside the top 10. In the individual results, Steve Roach came in 2nd with Lee Williams just outside the podium in 4th with Dylan Kerfoot-Robson in 10th. Tim Davies, Andrew Parry, Joe Lally and Matthew Thompson all represented Wales in the senior category.

In the youth girls’ competition, National Under 14 Cyclo Cross Champion Megan James came top of the individual competition where the team finished in 4th place.


Senior Men Team
1 Wales A
2 Yorkshire A
3 East Midlands A
8 Wales B
12 Wales C

Senior Men Individual
1 Jack Clarkson Yorkshire
2 Steve Roach Wales
3 Tony Fawcett North East
4 Lee Williams Wales
10 Dylan Kerfoot-Robson Wales
22 Joseph Lally Wales
29 Jacob Phelps Wales
30 Matthew Thompson Wales
40 Tim Davies Wales
45 Andrew Parry Wales
49 Matthew Thorne Wales
59 Joe Barnwell Wales
64 Teifion Best Wales

Youth Boys Team
1 East Midlands A
2 Yorkshire A
3 Eastern A
5 Wales A

Youth Boys Individual
1 Thomas Mein North East
2 James Armstrong East Midlands
3 Michael Parry Eastern
11 Ioan Thomas Wales
12 Solomon Kerfoot-Robson Wales
42 Tyler Brennan Wales
57 Jack Nash Wales

Youth Girls Team
1 East Midlands A
2 North East A
3 North West A
4 Wales A

Youth Girls Individual
1 Megan James Wales
2 Sophie Thackray Yorkshire
3 Elena Smith East Midlands
13 Sophie-Jo Wylie-Morris Wales
25 Eluned King Wales
30 Emma Finucane Wales