Introducing the Club management tool, helping to make your club more efficient


A little over two years ago British Cycling launched a web based programme designed to help clubs become more efficient and streamline the processes clubs face on a day to day. The programme is being used by a number of clubs across the UK who have raved about how its introduction in the club has really helped the club to grow, keep members details up to date and above all, given them more time to ride their own bikes.

Maindy Flyers Youth Cycling Club, a Go-Ride Club based in Cardiff have been using the Club Management Tool to improve how their club operates on a day to day basis. Along with other club officials who have access to the management tool, Jo Phelps, Maindy Flyers Club Secretary started using the Club Management Tool back in 2013.

“It was always an issue of playing catch up without a clear and accurate picture of who’s membership was current, let alone who’s details were up to date as members details such as phone numbers and email addresses can change so often. We used to have issues with misplaced membership forms as these were passed onto numerous club officials at different times. There was a lot of cross referencing to do to ensure members had valid British Cycling memberships, not to mention deciphering peoples handwriting; it was very time consuming and over complicated!

We saw the Club Management Tool available on the Welsh Cycling website and felt it was worth exploring further. We could remove a lot of responsibility from club officials, taking care of club memberships online and all our records could be kept up to date easily.”

The Club Management Tool allows clubs to send communications to all its’ members online, ensure memberships are accurate and even develop your own club website which can save your club a lot of annual costs.

“Despite some initial concerns of going ‘paperless’ the vast majority of the club were in favour of switching to the club management tool. Since the move, we haven’t looked back – it has made club administration so much easier!”

The British Cycling Club Management Tool also gives clubs the ability to link to members’ results and race reports, from events your members have competed in. Some of the key features developed by British Cycling include:

Club Profile
A shop window allowing clubs the opportunity to promote themselves to prospective members and volunteers.

Membership Manager

Manage all your club members in one place, see their British Cycling membership status and race licence, add new club members and use our free subscription management tool to set up your club subscription fees and collect them from your members.

Collect Online Subscriptions
Current and new members can pay their club subscriptions using British Cycling’s secure web payment system. There is no charge to the club and the money will be paid directly into your club’s chosen bank account. No more hassle of having to pay in cheques, manage spreadsheets or chase members for their money.

Club Newsletters

Create & share club newsletters to the whole membership or selected sections of the club such as Youth members or Women only, therefore allowing members to receive much more focussed and specific newsletters.

Club Activity Manager
Invite and ask members who will be attending sessions, you can then print out a register, which on turn cuts down on the registration time at sessions.

Clubs can also affiliate online to Welsh Cycling and British Cycling for the year, providing an almost instantaneous way to renew and allow your members to buy a racing licence.

We would urge all clubs in Wales to start using the Club Management Tool. Most people expect to be able to do things online nowadays and membership renewal becomes so much easier!

The team at British Cycling were extremely helpful and were always ready to help if there were any issues at all during the set up. It has saved so much of our volunteers’ time, we can all put more energy into cycling now!”

If your club would like to find out more about the tool or are looking for some support and guidance please contact your Regional Development Officer at Welsh Cycling or British Cycling’s Club Management Tool team or take a look at the Club Management Tool FAQs.