Club affiliation in Wales exceeds the big 100 milestone

Club affiliation in Wales exceeds the big 100 milestone


Welsh Cycling is delighted to announce that club affiliation has today reached record-breaking figures in Wales, exceeding the big 100 milestone. 

As of today, there are 103 clubs and teams officially registered across the country.

It means there are now more opportunities in Wales than ever before, for anyone, of any age and ability to get on a bike locally - be it for fun or competition - in every discipline of the sport.

This achievement comes just as British Cycling recently announced that membership has surpassed 75,000, soaring by over 50% since Bradley Wiggins won the Tour last year.

It’s another meaningful example that the sport shows no sign of slowing down in Wales and we should all feel a little bit proud of the contribution Wales is making to the future of cycling on a national scale. 

It’s likely we’ll exceed these figures in the coming months. We’d like to thank you for making this possible.

The help and support which clubs and members have extended to one over the last twelve months is testimony to the strength of our cycling community in Wales.

We wanted to mark this occasion with the due attention it deserves in respect of the commitment by your club to being a part of the team. This is an achievement that everyone connected with Welsh Cycling can share in, whether you’re a club, a member, or simply love to ride your bike.We could not have reached it without you.

Your club is making a difference, and with more and more members speaking out at the heart of our sport and supporting one another in this way, the greater and stronger our collective voice will be to tackle the issues that affect all cyclists. 

As a thank you to all our member clubs, we’ve a special announcement to make across Welsh Cycling Facebook and Twitter at #clwb100 today. 

Don’t forget that as an affiliated club, you can benefit from British Cycling’s introductory Club Member offer.

Affiliated clubs also have free access to the British Cycling Club Management Tool, where you can manage your club’s subscription collection free from one place.            

In the meantime, we’d like if you’d take moment to reflect on this achievement with us, and extend our personal thanks to all members of your club for making a positive contribution to the big 100.