Miller on top in Ipswich National Series Cross

Miller on top in Ipswich National Series Cross


Miller tops the podium at Ipswich

In a race which had all the hallmarks of a classic, Ruby Millar returned to the top of British cyclo cross racing.

As five riders - including Millar, Hannah Payton, fellow Welsh rider Amy Roberts, Corinne Hall and Lucy Garner - circulated the track, a select group formed leaving just Millar, Payton and Hall to battle it out for the victory.

In the closing stages, Millar put in a strong attack, catching the others by surprise and soloing in for the win.

Corrine Hall lost out in the sprint for second, but took the prize of the Series Lead from Helen Wyman, who was not present.


1. Ruby Millar
2. Hannah Payton
3. Corrine Hall

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