Welsh Cycling pleased with progress at British Cycling EGM

Welsh Cycling pleased with progress at British Cycling EGM

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Following the British Cycling EGM on Saturday 22 July, Welsh Cycling is pleased with the progress made and looks forward to working more closely with the national governing body in the future.

The key motions that were put forward include:

  • The British Cycling Board of Directors will now consist of:
  • 3 nominated directors, with a representative from Welsh Cycling, Scottish Cycling and the English regions;
  • 4 appointed directors, who will be appointed based on skills required by the Board;
  • 4 elected directors, who will be nominated and voted on by welsh Cycling, Scottish Cycling and the English regions.
  • The Board of British Cycling will hold the final decisions and be held accountable in accordance to the UK Sport Code of Governance
  • The right to vote by former Presidents of British Cycling has been removed
  • Welsh Cycling now has 3 representatives, forming 3 votes at National Council Meetings
  • The number of votes at National Council has been reduced overall from 109 to 55

Anne Adams-King, chief executive officer at Welsh Cycling said: “I am pleased with the outcome from the British Cycling EGM. The changes will strengthen the federation, and enable British Cycling to take care of our sport aligning to the UK Sport Code of Governance.

Going forward, I feel Welsh Cycling is in a stronger position with our board representation formalised, and the opportunity to nominate, vote and elect our own representatives to the board. British Cycling are ultimately accountable for cycling across the UK, but it is only fair and right the home countries are involved in decisions that will affect members in our countries.”

The Welsh Cycling Board of Directors will now consider the process for nominating our director to the British Cycling Board. The expectation is for the position to be closely linked to the Welsh Cycling Board to ensure continued communication and engagement between Welsh Cycling and British Cycling. It is also important the representative has the skills required to be an effective member of the Board.

There are now more than 6,500 British Cycling members in Wales. Welsh Cycling will continue to represent these members, and be their voice to British Cycling. Members are always welcome to share the thoughts and concerns with Welsh Cycling through the Annual General Meeting, and throughout the year.