Track: Latest from Day 5 of the National Junior and Youth Track Championships

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Junior Men’s Individual Pursuit

The early benchmark in the Men’s Individual Pursuit was set at 3:41.174 by Will Stephenson of Primera Sport Specialized, but as the later heats unfolded the times started to tumble, aided in apart by some slightly mismatched heats in the middle of the qualifying round which saw a number of riders caught in the last four of five laps.

Adam Lewis of Wolverhampton Wheelers caught Cardiff Jif’s Tim Ryan en route to setting the fastest time so far at 3:40.526. Then we saw a time of 3:38.935 for Mark Stewart spokes RT who caught Alan Trolove of West Suffolk Wheelers.

Champion System’s Chris Latham then caught Sam Gilzean of Welwyn Wheelers and went top with an impressive 3:28.735 and the following heart saw yet another catch as Andy Shackel overhauled Andrew Leigh of Velocity RT to and go second with a 3:37.785 but the fast times were about to start coming, heat after heat.

Kristian Woolf caught his opponent, too, but then blew up and his opposite number William Thomas of Velocity RT had no other option than to re-pass him.

Latham’s team mate Jacob Ragan slipped in to second place with a 3:29.735 as the heats ran their course, with pre-event favourite Sam Low of Hargroves Cycles just failing to make the Final with a 3:30.353 and setting up a Bronze medal ride against Woolf – who’d gone off so quickly that he set the fourth fastest time of 3:30.730 despite fading badly in the final kilometre.

Harry Tanfield clocked a 3:32.375 to take 5th place in the minor places classification rides, with yet another Champion System rider, Chris Lawless, clocking 3:32.932 to takes sixth. Luc Hall of Hargroves Cycles and Ollie Wood of Sportscover Altura RT were 7th and 8th.

Woolf went off very quickly again but this time held the pace, recording a time of 3.31.444 against Lowe’s 3:31.962 to secure the Bronze.

In a thrilling final Latham trailed his team mate Ragan throughout the heat. With 500m to go he started to claw some of the deficit back but only managed to wipe it out on the final lap, taking Gold with a 3.28.892.

British Cycling spoke to Latham after the event: “That was very close. I thought I could see him, but I obviously I didn’t because he was catching me. I had a bit left in the tank, so I just smashed it for the last two. I just had to leave it all out there and pray I heard my gun first.”

1 Christopher Latham Champion System 3.28.735
2 Jacob Ragan Champion System 3.29.180
3 Samuel Lowe Hargroves Cycles 3.30.353
4 Kristian Woolf Prestige Velo Club 3.30.730
5 Luc Hall Team 3.31.166
6 Chris Lawless Champion System 3.31.274
7 Harry Tanfield Teamwallis CHH RT 3.31.631
8 Oliver Wood Sportscover Altura RT 3.32.228
9 Tom Ward Team Echelon - Rotor 3.33.572
10 Tom Arnstein Spokes RT 3.34.371
11 Zachery May Cardiff JIF 3.35.084
12 Andy Shackel VC St Raphael 3.37.785
13 Mark Stewart Spokes RT 3.38.935
14 Jake Kelly Manx Viking Wheelers CC 3.39.205
15 William Thomas Velocity RT 3.40.283
16 Adam Lewis Wolverhampton Wheelers 3.40.526
17 Will Stephenson Primera-Specialized 3.41.174
18 Ashley Martin Cadence Cannondale 3.43.414
19 Callum Ferguson Halesowen A & CC 3.43.968
20 William Hyde Lichfield City CC 3.44.334
21 Samuel Gilzean Welwyn Wheelers CC 3.44.959
22 Andrew Leigh Velocity RT 3.47.866
23 Timothy Ryan Cardiff JIF 3.49.699
24 Alan Trolove West Suffolk Wheelers 3.51.295
25 Joshua Cole-Hossain VC Londres 3.57.244
26 Torin Cannings Lincsquad 4.00.686

GOLD Chris Latham Champion System/Maxgear/Kyklos 3:28.892
SILVER Jacob Ragan Champion System/Maxgear/Kyklos 3.28.960
BRONZE Kristian Woolf Prestige VC 3:31.444
4 Sam Lowe Hargroves Cycles 3:31.962
5 Harry Tanfield Teamwallis CHH 3:32.375
6 Chris Lawless Champion System/Maxgear/Kyklos 3:32.932
7 Luc Hall Hargroves Cycles 3.34.619
8 Ollie Wood Sportscover Altura RT 3.35.478

Junior Women’s 500m

The seeding of the heats in the 500m saw the pack shuffled several times as the competition reached its later stages. Danielle Khan of Solihull clocked the first really quick time with a 36.431. She went top, ahead of Imogen Farlie of Team Terminator and Scott Contessa’s Emily Kay.

In the next heat, Sarah Crowley of Cardiff Ajax went second and Megan Boyd of Sportcity Velo third. The Boyd’s team mate Jessica Crampton went second with Ellie Coster, her opposite number in the heat, taking over in the Bronze medal position. Khan was still top and, with one heat to go, was now guaranteed at least a Bronze.

A time of 36.305 – despite a scrappy finish to the last lap which saw her ride over the time trial marker pads on the exit from turn four gave Rosie Blount of Derby Mercury the Gold, with early leader – and Sprint Gold medallist - Khan taking Silver and Crampton the Bronze.

Blount was delighted with the win. “I can’t quite believe it. It’s been what I’ve wanted to do for a while. It’s food – very different from third! It feels really good!

“I knew I had a chance – I knew I was going well and I’ve got a good start – although I didn’t actually think my start was that good today. It was just about going in and doing the best that I could and seeing what I got, really.

“It is better if you don’t go over the sponges – which I did. I thought, as I went over it, that was it and I’d be kicking myself, but I got to the line and looked around and it was me in number one, so – it’s a good feeling”

GOLD Rosie Blount Derby Mercury RC 36.305
SILVER Danielle Khan Solihull CC 36.423
BRONZE Jessica Crampton Sport City Velo 36.692
4 Lucy Garner Node 4 Giordana 37.545
5 Ellie Coster Bush Healthcare CRT 37.962
6 Sarah Crowley Cardiff Ajax CC 38.534
7 Megan Boyd Sport City Velo 38.596
8 Imogen Farlie Team Terminator 38.698
9 Emily Kay Scott Contessa Epic 39.372
10 Laura Clode VC St Raphael 40.276
11 Adele Martin GB 40.573
12 Sara Gent VO2 Dev Team 42.737
13 Stephanie May Team Quest - The Bike Shop 43.037

Under 16 Girls Points Race

Melissa Lowther of Aire Valley took the opening sprint of an action packed Under 16 Girls Points race from Abyy Mae Parkinson of RST, Beth Hayward of Welwyn Wheelers and team mate Abbie Dentus. Halesowen’s Emily Nelson took the second with Grace Garner of RST in second, team mate Lauren O’Brien third and Hayward taking the last of the points.

Hayward won the third sprint, with Lucy Shaw of Solihull – who’d led the sprint out – taking second, Charlotte Broughton of Leicestershire Road Club third and Jessie Ansell of Wolverhampton Wheelers fourth

A big crash on the exit of turn 4 took out most of the the leaders – including Broughton, Lowther, Garner and Nelson. All but second placed Nelson got back up to the track but the Halesowen rider was eventually taken to hospital where, thankfully, she was found to be bruised and battered but no more than that.

Angie Eggleton of Halesowen took Sprint Four from Shaw – who was now second behind Hayward – Megan Barker of Cardiff Ajax and Parkinson. Lowther clocked up another 5 points in the penultimate sprint, which she won from Broughton, Hayward and Welwyn Wheelers’ Kim English. That left Lowther and Hayward tied for the lead.

Neither of the leaders was at the sharp end in the final sprint, though. Whether they discounted the other riders as being too far back or simply didn’t have the legs only they know, but Broughton took it from Eggleton, Elizabeth Holden of Team Royal London 360 Isle of Man and Shaw.

That left Broughton, Hayward and Lowther tied on ten points and, based on that finishing order, that’s where the medals went.

Before talking to British Cycling about the win, Broughton gave her account of the incident that shaped the race. “I didn’t see what happened in front of Emily Nelson, but Emily Nelson lost her front wheel and hit whoever was in front of her and then she went down and I had nowhere to go so I rode over her legs, then I went on to the boards and there were people riding over me.. It was a bit of a hectic crash.

And how did this Under 14 feel about taking her second Under 16 title of the week? “I don’t really think it’s sunk in because people have explained how I won it but I still don’t quite understand! Up until the crash I was completely out of it – and I didn’t think I could get back in it – and, to be honest, I didn’t know when the sprint laps where, so whenever I heard the bell I thought I’d just go!

“In the final sprint I thought ‘I’m going to make something of the race’ – that’s why I kept going off the front and kept attacking because I thought I don’t want to just sit in the race and do nothing – I want to get out there and make something of it. So I thought, with lap and a half to go, ‘Just go. What’s the worst that could happen?’ And luckily I got to the line first and then I realised I drawn on points with Mel and Beth and because I got to the line first, I won! So, I’m really happy with that, but it was unexpected.

“It was very close, but Mel and Beth are such strong riders and, to be honest, I thought it would be one of those two that would win. I didn’t ever think that I’d win the Points, because Points is definitely not my strongest. Well, it is now, I think! But it wasn’t before!”

GOLD Charlotte Broughton Leicestershire Road Club 10 points
SILVER Bethany Hayward Welwyn Wheelers 10
BRONZE Melissa Lowther Aire Valley RC 10
4 Angela Eggleton Halesowen A & CC 8
5 Lucy Shaw Solihull CC 7
6 Abby-Mae Parkinson RST RT 4
7 Grace Garner RST RT 3
8 Elizabeth Holden Tm Royal London 360 IoM 2
9 Lauren O'Brien RST RT 2
10 Megan Barker Cardiff Ajax CC 2
11 Abigail Dentus Welwyn Wheelers CC 1
12 Kimberley English Welwyn Wheelers CC 1
13 Lucy Harper Welwyn Wheelers CC 0
14 Laura Cheesman Prestige Velo Club 0
15 Isabelle Clarke Lichfield City CC 0
16 Emily Haycox Cardiff Ajax CC 0
17 Molly Maunders Cardiff JIF 0
18 Amy Gornall CS Pendle 0
19 Paige Milward Lyme RC 0
20 Sian Botteley Bourne Wheelers CC 0
21 Flora Gillies Peebles CC -20
DNF Jessie Ansell Wolverhampton Wheelers
DNF Sophie Black Tm Royal London 360 IoM
DNF Chloe Evans Welwyn Wheelers CC

Under 16 Boys Scratch

The size of the field for the Under 16 Boys Scratch meant that there were three qualifying heats with 17 or 18 riders each - with eight going through from each heat. All three were fast and animated with tight bunch finished that saw some high class riders eliminated.

The final, too, was fast and furious, punctuated by a series of attacks some of which showed real promise. James Shaw of Forme bikes pulled out a quarter of a lap, but couldn’t get any more and dropped back to the bunch. Matthew Gibson of Warrington RC and Charlie Tanfield of Velo 29 had a go at trying to get away together.

But in the end, it came down to a bunch sprint. Joe Evans of Velocity RT led it our but it was Levi Moody who was at the head of the pack as they exited turn four and he held off all challengers as the roared to the line to take the Gold ahead of Velocity RT’s Fabio Close and Evans.

Moody told British Cycling “It was hard – very hard. We all wanted it. We’ve all given it out best shot and I’ve come out on top. It’s been a close year – we’ve all been fighting – and I’m just happy that it’s come right on the day.

“It didn’t slow down really. With about 8 to go when Charlie attacked the screw just got turned then and it didn’t slow down and when we caught him with two to go and Joe went, I thought if I can hang on here – if I can hold on his wheel – I can win this. He’s a quality wheel to come off.

“I had a quick look under the arm with about 20 metres to go and I couldn’t see a wheel, so I knew then that I’d won.”

GOLD Levi Moody Pedalsport CC
SILVER Fabio Close Velocity RT
BRONZE Joe Evans Velocity RT
4 Ben Chapman Team Corley Cycles
5 Joseph Wiltshire Cwmcarn Paragon RC
6 Christian Braybrooke Velocity RT
7 Joseph Fry Welwyn Wheelers CC
8 Leon Gledhill BBM Revolution CC
9 James Shaw Forme Bikes UK
10 Sean Noon Edinburgh RC
11 Karl Baillie Witham Wheelers CC
12 Jacob Kelly Lichfield City CC
13 Joel Partington Sports City Velo
14 Joey Walker RST RT
15 Matthew Gibson Warrington RC
16 Sean McGovern Sport City Velo
17 Luke Morgan Welwyn Wheelers CC
18 James Ireson Wolverhampton Wheelers
19 Oliver Moors Prestige Velo Club
20 James Risk Sport City Velo
21 Jack Payne Sport City Velo
22 Charlie Tanfield Velo29 Cycling Team
DNF 68 Chris Dowling Eastlands Velo
DSQ Tristan Robbins Cardiff Jif - for pushing another rider

British Cycling would like to thank the organising team, officials and everyone else who helped promote this event. Our sport could not exist without the hundreds of people, many of them unpaid volunteers, who put in many hours of hard work running events, activities and clubs.