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After last week's cancellation due to rain, the latest round of the Brooks Cycles Track League, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire was held under warm sunny skies. With the holiday season well under way it was pleasing to see a good turnout of riders across all four groups of riders. The sprinters group was well attended with 9 riders competing in the three sprint specific races. In the 500m handicap league World Masters Champion Geoff Cooke, Bush Healthcare RT, took a great win from a fast closing group of riders headed by Joel Partington, Lyme RC and Ellie Coster Bush Healthcare RT. The Team Sprint event saw all three teams only separated by less that 3/4 of a second with the win going to Ellie Coster, Joel Partington, and Sean Mayer Swinnerton Cycles. The Keirin Final saw league leader Sean Mayer win in fine style from Ryan Whatmough, Shepherd Cycles and Steve Cronshaw Brooks Cycles.

The A Class endurance events saw some hard racing with the opening 10 lap scratch going to Joe Evans, Velocity RT and the 12 lap points race being won by last years league champion Robert Lambton, Brooks Cycles. In the devil Paul Whatmough, Shepherds Cycles won in a close finish from his son Ryan. The final 10 mile scratch event saw loads of attacking throughout with Andy Leigh, Velocity RT jumping away from the bunch with 6 laps to go and holding on impressively to take the win.

The B races were well supported with the wins being spread across a number of riders. The opening 8 lap scratch was won by Matthew Walls, Velocity RT before Max Gethin, Glebe House Coalport RC flew out of the pack to win the Win and Out event from another first time rider at the Newcastle Track Robert Standing, Team V Sprint Racing. The ten mile scratch saw only four B group riders make the finish with last years league winner Alex Webb, Lyme RC taking a well deserved win.

Sallie Birchall, Lyme RC showed she is recovering well from a recent ankle injury as she won three individual events in the youth races and was also a member of the winning team sprint quartet. Joe Swinnerton also scored well in taking second places in the 200m time trial and devil along with a third place in the 5 lap scratch.

The Freewheelers tends to take a drop in numbers at this time of year however there was a great turnout of 26 riders for the latest round of racing across the three groups. With five new riders the number of registered riders is now up to 57 and if the weather holds we could be on to break last years record number of 64. The night was a Go Ride night with medals awarded to the top three riders in each group. The medal winners were as follows;

Group 1 Gold Sam Hall Silver James Brayford Bronze Brandon McMillan

Group 2 Gold Farley Barber Silver Chloe Tennant Bronze Thomas Hughes

Group 3 Gold Mark Adamson Silver Jessica Hughes Bronze Izaak Curtis

Freewheelers Results

Group 1

Race 1

1st James Brayford Lyme RC

2nd Harvey Myatt Newcastle Tri Club

3rd Sam Hall Lyme RC

Race 2

1st Brandon McMillan Lyme RC

2nd Ambrose Morris Lyme RC

3rd Sadie Jones Newcastle RC

Race 3

1st Sam Hall

2nd James Brayford

3rd Harvey Myatt

Race 4

1st Sam Hall

2nd Sadie Jones

3rd Adam Barr

Group 2

Race 1

1st Farley Barber

2nd Harry Brayford Lyme RC

3rd Sam Tennant

Race 2

1st Thomas Hughes

2nd Natasha Sandbach

3rd Chloe Tennant

Race 3

1st Chloe Tennant

2nd Rebecca Newman Lyme RC

3rd Edward Dyster

Race 4

1st Natasha Sandbach

2nd Farley Barber

3rd Chloe Tennant

Group 3

Race 1

1st Mark Adamson

2nd Izaak Curtis Lyme RC

3rd Jessica Hughes

Race 2

1st Jessica Hughes

2nd James Adamson

3rd Mark Adamson

Race 3

1st Mark Adamson

2nd Izaak Curtis

3rd Jessica Hughes

Race 4

1st Cameron O'Neil Lyme RC

2nd Jessica Hughes

3rd Mark Adamson

Main League

Youth 200m Time Trial

1st Sallie Birchall Lyme RC

2nd Joe Swinnerton Lyme RC

3rd James Brayford Lyme RC

500m Handicap Sponsored by Neil Potter

1st Geoff Cooke Bush Healthcare RT

2nd Joel Partington Sportcity Velo

3rd Ellie Coster Bush Healthcare RT

4th Louis Preston Lyme RC

5th Sam Birchall Velocity RT

6th Steve Cronshaw Brooks Cycles

A Class Endurance 10 lap Scratch

1st Joe Evans Velocity RT

2nd Ryan Whatmough Shepherds Cycles

3rd Paul Whatmough Shepherds Cycles

B Class 8 Lap Scratch

1st Matthew Walls Velocity RT

2nd Thomos Owens Brooks Cycles

3rd Max Gethin Glebe House Coalport RC

Youth Devil

1st Sallie Birchall

2nd Joe Swinnerton

3rd James Brayford

A Class Endurance 12 Lap Points

1st Robert Lambton Brooks Cycles

2nd Joe Evans

3rd Adrian Adgar Balanced Performance

A Class Sprinters Team Sprint

1st Ellie Coster

Joel Partington

Sean Mayer Swinnerton Cycles

2nd Tony Brooks Brooks Cycles

Steve Cronshaw

Chris Pease Manchester Wheelers

3rd Geoff Cooke

Louis Preston

Phil Houlton Brooks Cycles

B Class Team sprint

1st Dave Williams Lyme RC

Sam Birchall

Robert Standing Team V Sprint Racing

Alex Webb Lyme RC

Matthew Walls

Victor Triggor Crewe Clarion

Youth Team Sprint

1st Sam Hall Lyme RC

Megan Williams Lyme RC

James Brayford

Sallie Birchall

A Class Endurance Devil

1st Paul Whatmough

2nd Ryan Whatmough

3rd Joe Evans

B Class Win and Out

1st Max Gethin

2nd Robert Standing

3rd Matthew Walls

Keiren Final

1st Sean Mayer

2nd Ryan Whatmough

3rd Steve Cronshaw

4th Chris Pease

5th Louis Preston

6th Phil Houlton

Minor Sprint Final

1st Joel Partington

2nd Tony Brooks

3rd Ellie Coster

Youth Scratch

1st Sallie Birchall

2nd Liam Zwetschnikow Lyme RC

3rd Joe Swinnerton

10 Mile Scratch

1st Andy Leigh Velocity RT

2nd Ryan Whatmough

3rd Adrian Adgar


1st Alex Webb

2nd Matthew Walls

3rd Steve Hall Lyme RC