New website launched for 2012 UCI World Masters Track Championships

New website launched for 2012 UCI World Masters Track Championships

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The organising committee of the 2012 UCI World Masters Track Championships have launched their new website - .

The site, originally developed by the late Brian Cossavella, is a major update to the previous one which was more a source of information and results of the event itself.

A statement from the committee said: “We hope the new site will give riders more access to Masters events that are happening around the world and an insight as to what drives people to still train and be competitive at the highest level they can be with the restrictions of the sport not being their sole focus of their everyday lives.

“The aim of the site is to inform riders what other Masters around the world are up to as many nations now host their own Masters Championships. Despite the majority of licence holders in many countries now over the age of 35, the lower limit for eligibility to world and European events, there is a possibility that performances in such events will not get the respect they deserve.”

Entry to the event is now only online. While this will mean riders can no longer enter via post, it makes the system a far more efficient use of the time available, particularly up to the closing date.

The site will be regularly updated as and when relevant news items come in to keep riders interested all year round, rather than only during the event itself.