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Track: Brooks Cycles Track League

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Location: Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire
Event: 25 August 2011
Report: Chris Pyatt

With a number of riders away at the Youth and Junior Championships at Manchester the turnout was down on the season average however the racing was fast and furious with riders seeing a good opportunity to score points.

In the A Class Sprint League, Barney Swinnerton Science in Sport, scored seven points with him winning along the way the Keiren League event. The 500m Handicap event was won by Joffie Houlton, PM and in doing so ensured he has won this competition overall. In the Team Sprint the win went to Lauren Quenby, Phil Houlton (both Newcastle RC 2001) and Steve Cronshaw (Brereton Wheelers).

The A Class Endurance events saw veteran rider Adrian Adgar (Balanced Performance) win the final ten mile scratch from Christian Braybrooke and Will Thomas (both Velocity RT). Adrian also took second place in the eight lap scratch and the Points race to mover up to joint second overall in the league with the absent Paul Whatmough. Sam Birchall (Velocity RT) celebrated his move up to the A group as he won impressively the eight lap Points race. Teammate Will Thomas took the other A class event in the Devil.

The B Class events saw Neil Cummins win 8 lap Scratch, Devil and Course de primes to close the gap on league leader Alex Webb (Lyme RC). This sets up a nail biting finish to this league as with only one event to go Neil is only four and a half points behind Alex and Alex will be missing next week as he competes in the UK School Games in Sheffield.

The youth events saw a battle between Alex Braybrooke (Velocity RT) and Paige Millward (Lyme RC). Alex took the Devil and Paige the scratch and a member of the winning team sprint with Sallie Birchall (Lyme RC) Conner Fearon, Weaver Valley and Matthew Braybrooke (Eastlands Velo). The opening block handicap went to James Duncalf (Lyme RC) who used his long mark to goo effect to take the win from teammate Liam Zwetschnikow.


Freewheelers League overall:
Group 1
: James Brayford 8 pts
Group 2: Ambrose Morris (Lyme RC) 10 pts
Group 3: Sebastian Booth 9 pts

Round 18:
Freewheelers League:

Group 1:
Race 1:
1 James Brayford
2 Megan Williams (Lyme RC)
3 James Duncalf (Lyme RC)
Race 2:
1 Harvey Myatt
2 James Brayford (Lyme RC)
3 James Duncalf
Race 3:
1 James Duncalf
2 Brandon McMillan (Lyme RC)
3 Olivia Braybrooke (Eastlands Velo)
Race 4:
1 Brandon McMillan
2 James Brayford
3 Olivia Braybrooke

Group 2:
Race 1:
1 Andrew Williams
2 Ambrose Morris (Lyme RC)
3 Hollie Mulroy (Congleton CC)
Race 2:
1 Ambrose Morris
2 Hollie Mulroy
3 Sophie Bassett (Lyme RC)
Race 3:
1 Ambrose Morris
2 Hollie Mulroy
3 Andrew Williams
Race 4:
1 Hollie Mulroy
2 Andrew Williams
3 Ambrose Morris

Group 3:
Race 1:
1 Rebecca Newman (Lyme RC)
2 Sebastian Booth
3 Edward Mulroy (Congleton CC)
Race 2:
1 Joe Barber (NTCA)
2 Sebastian Booth
3 Edward Mulroy
Race 3:
1 Joe Barber
2 Sebastian Booth
3 Cameron O'Neil
Race 4:
1 Izaak Curtis (Lyme RC)
2 Sebastian Booth
3 Joe Barber

Main League:
Youth Block Handicap:
1 James Duncalf (Lyme RC)
2 Liam Zwetschnikow (Lyme RC)
3 Matthew Braybrooke (Eastlands Velo)

Neil Potter 500m Handcap League:
1 Joffie Houlton (unattached)
2 Lauren Quenby (Newcastle RC 2001)
3 Steve Cronshaw (Brereton Wheelers)
4 Phil Houlton (Newcastle RC 2001)
5 James Thompson (Liverpool Mercury)
6 Barney Swinnerton (Science in Sport)

A Class Eight-lap Scratch:
1 Barney Swinnerton
2 Adrian Adgar (Balanced Performance)
3 Christian Braybrooke (Velocity RT)

B Class Eight-lap Scratch:
1 Neil Cummins (unattached)
2 Phil Braybrooke (Sportcity Velo)
3 George Edwards (Lyme RC)

Youth Devil:
1 Alex Braybrooke (Velocity RT)
2 Paige Millward (Lyme RC)
3 Sallie Birchall (Lyme RC)

A Sprinters Team Sprint:
1 Lauren Quenby, Steve Cronshaw, Phil Houlton.

A Class Endurance Eight-Lap Points:
1 Sam Birchall (Velocity RT)
2 Adrian Adgar
3 Will Thomas (Velocity RT)

B Class Devil:
1 Neil Cummins
2 Neil Clarke ( VC Nottingham)
3 George Edwards

Youth Team Sprint:
1 Matthew Braybrooke, Sallie Birchall, Conner Fearon (Weaver Valley), Paige Millward.

A Class Endurance Devil:
1 Will Thomas
2 Christian Braybrooke
3 Andy Jackson (i Optix RT)

B Class Course de Primes:
1 Neil Cummins
2 Neil Clarke
3 Alex Webb ( Lyme RC)

Youth Scratch:
1 Paige Millward
2 Alex Braybrooke
3 Conner Fearon

Keiren League Final:
1 Barney Swinnerton
2 Phil Houlton
3 Sam Birchall
4 Steve Cronshaw
5 James Thompson
6 Lauren Quenby

10-Mile Scratch:
1 Adrian Adgar
2 Christian Braybrooke
3 Will Thomas

B Class:
1 George Edwards
2 Phil Braybrooke
3 Alex Webb

British Cycling would like to thank the organising team, officials and everyone else who helped promote this event. Our sport could not exist without the hundreds of people, many of them unpaid volunteers, who put in many hours of hard work running events, activities and clubs.