Day 5 2010 Junior & Youth Track Championships

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Day 5 2010 Junior & Youth Track Championships

Newport Velodrome (Wales) | August 22-27

Day 5
The fifth day of competition, was, like all the others, a powerful demonstration of the quality that lies within the Junior and Youth Ranks these days. There were many highlights like the Keirin final won by Kian Emadi who beat defending champion Lewis Oliva. The latter had managed to extract himself out of a very tight box over the closing laps to get the silver, something which helped make the race such an enthralling contest. There were many cheers from the Purple brigade for the rider who was third, Thomas Gregory of the Halesowen club. 

Another fantastic race worthy of any international event was the Junior Men’s Points race which was nothing short of brutal. No sooner had a group of riders taken a lap than another would set off to do the same. To win the race, you had to take multiple laps which is what Welshman Owain Doull did to defeat World Junior Madison champion Simon Yates. Declan Bryne was third.

The Under 16 Girls Points Race was also very very attacking with so many top young ladies willing to go one-on-one with their nearest competitors and do their best to reduce their rival’s legs to rubble. Looking at the faces at the end, that is just what happened with many  reduced to just following wheels in a long line of riders and unable to come up with an answer to beat Amy Roberts who beat her arch rival Emily Kay. Third was Elinor Barker.

The Men's Under 16 Sprint also came to it's conclusion with an all Sport City Velo final between James Berryman and Matthew Rotherham with Berryman winning in straight rides. The final for bronze, won by Alex Minting, went to three rides with Minting doing enough to prevent a clean sweep for the Sport City Velo club.

Finally, but certainly not least, there was the Junior Women’s 500 metre Time Trial. Winning that was no less than a rider selected that very day for the England Team at the Commonwealth Games, Laura Trott. The World Junior Women’s Omnium Champion, who spent a year with the GB sprint team (Olympic Development Programme) before switching to the Endurance squad, defeated her Welwyn club mate and fellow GB rider, Victoria Williamson by the narrowest of margins.  Third was Jessica Crampton, an under 16 rider already winning medals at Junior level.


Under 16 Boys Sprint Finals (see day 4 for the previous heats)

Semi Finals Result

S/F A Match A Match B
1. Berryman James Sport City Velo 11.700 12.030
2. Minting Alex Planet X

S/F B Match A Match B
1. Rotherham Matthew Sport City Velo 12.065 12.150
2. Latham Chris Sport City Velo

Bronze Medal Ride Off
3rd Alex Minting Planet X 11.954 11.899
4th Chris Latham Sport City Velo 12.178

Gold/Silver Ride Off
1st James Berryman Sport City Velo 11.692 11.618
2nd Matthew Rotherham Sport City Velo

Junior Women's 500m Time Trial
1. Laura Trott Welwyn Whlrs 36.831
2. Victoria Williamson Welwyn Whlrs 36.844
3. Jessica Crampton Sports City Velo 37.587
4. Hannah Barnes Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta 38.017
5. Sarah Crowley Cardiff Ajax 38.368
6. Hannah Walker G.S.Surosa 38.769
7. Molly Weaver Halesowen A & Cc 39.795
8. Kayleigh Brogan Unattached 39.925
9. Lisa Daly Sport City Velo 41.696

Under 16 Girls Points Race
1. Amy Roberts Cardiff Ajax Cc 11pts
2. Emily Kay Halesowen A & Cc 11 Pts
3. Elinor Barker Cardiff Ajax 8 Pts
4. Alice Barnes Palmer Park Velo 7 Pts
5. Hannah Layland Vc St Raphael 7 Pts
6. Mellissa Bury Sportscity Velo 6 Pts
7. Amy Jacobs Vc Jubilee 3 Pts
8. Amy Hill Newport Velo Youth Cc 3 Pts
9. Natalie Hill Hillingdon Slipstreamers 2 Pts
10. Lucy Garner Leicestershire Rc 2 Pts
11. Jess Anderson Sport City Velo 1 Pt
12. Rebecca Hunt Newport Velo Youth Cc 0 Pts
13. Molly Weaver Halesowen A & Cc 0 Pts
14. Salt Dixon Ayre Cog Set 0 Pts
15. Ellie Gilham Bournemouth Arrow Cc 0 Pts
16. Sara Gent Onelife Cycles Dev Squad -20 Pts
17. Emily Barnes Rapha Condor Cc -20 Pts
18. Keira Mcvitty Kings Cliffe Flyers -20 Pts
19. Claire Gore Sport City Velo -20 Pts
20. Imogen Farlie Vc Jubilee -35 Pts
21. Zoe Lewis Vc Londres -40 Pts
Race Time 21 Minutes 30 Secs

Junior Men's Points Race

Heat 1
1. HAMILTON Matthew Team Leslie Bike Shop 33pts
2. HAASE Matthew VC St Raphael 30 pts
3. HARRISON Sam Planet X 25 pts
4. YATES Simon Maxgear RT 25 pts
5. BYRNE Declan Brooks Cycles 24 pts
6. WIECKOWSKI Jess Team Nemesis 23 pts
7. DIBBEN Jonathan Hargroves Cycles 23 pts
8. LOWSLEY-WILLIAMS James Agiskoviner CT 23 pts
9. PENRICE Jack Maxgear RT 22 pts
10. WOFFINDIN Martin Sport City Velo 21 pts
11. FLETCHER Callum Eastlands Velo 20 pts
12. YOUNG Finlay Equipe Velo Ecosse 20 pts
13. SMITH James Dooleys Cycles RT 5 pts
14. CRAMPTON Robert Wills Wheels CC 5 pts
15. HARGROVES Andy Hargroves Cycles 3 pts
16. GREGORY Thomas Halesowen A & CC 3 pts
17. DUNCUMB ROGERS Brock Onelife Cycles Dev Squad 1 pt
18. BATE Edward Halesowen A & CC 0 pts
19. GALLACHER Tom Welwyn Whlrs 0 pts
20. THOMAS Alistair Eastlands Velo 0 pts
21. PEARSON Julian Team Wallis CHH RT -20 pts
22. SMITH Nicolas VC Jubilee -20 pts
Race time 18mins 23 secs

Heat 2
1. PAPWORTH Josh Cult Racing 27pts
2. NICHOLSON Chris Team Manx Telecom 26pts
3. EDMONDSON Joshua Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta 24pts
4. BAILEY Matt Kuota - Road CC 23pts
5. SLATER Alistair Bourne Whlrs 22pts
6. YATES Adam Maxgear RT 21pts
7. McLAY Dan Hargroves Cycles 10pts
8. DOULL Owain Hargroves Cycles 10pts
9. ROSSI Oliver PCA Ciclos Uno 6pts
10. SHERRIFFS Chris Team Wallis CHH RT 5pts
11. LOWE Sam Raleigh-Avanti RT 5pts
12. BROWN Greg Dooleys Cycles RT 3pts
13. CONNOLLEY Sam Maldon & District CC 3pts
14. BALYCKYI Lewis Team Wallis CHH RT 1pt
15. MAY Zachery Cardiff JIF 0pts
16. PENRICE Joshua Sport City Velo 0pts
17. HARGREAVES Jordan Team Chevin 0pts
18. LEWIS Jim Glenedene CC 0pts
19. LEITH Andrew Dooleys Cycles RT -20pts
Race time 18mins 11 secs

 Final Result
1. Owain Doull Hargroves Cycles 54pts
2. Simon YATES Maxgear RT 50 pts
3. Declan BYRNE Brooks Cycles 50 pts
4. Declan PAPWORTH Josh Cult Racing 46 pts
5. Chris NICHOLSON Team Manx Telecom 44 pts
6. Sam HARRISON Planet X 40 pts
7. Chris SHERRIFFS Team Wallis CHH RT 40 pts
8. Dan McLAY Hargroves Cycles 31 pts
9. Oliver ROSSI PCA Ciclos Uno 31 pts
10. Adam YATES Maxgear RT 27 pts
11. Jonathan DIBBEN Hargroves Cycles 26 pts
12. Matt BAILEY Kuota - Road CC 23 pts
13. Alistair SLATER Bourne Whlrs 20 pts
14. Matthew HAASE VC St Raphael 10 pts
15. Sam LOWE Raleigh-Avanti RT 8 pts
16. Martin WOFFINDIN Sport City Velo 5 pts
17. Joshua EDMONDSON Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta 5 pts
18. James LOWSLEY-WILLIAMS Agiskoviner CT 0 pts
19. Jack PENRICE Maxgear RT 0 pts
20. Greg BROWN Dooleys Cycles RT -18 pts
21. Matthew HAMILTON Team Leslie Bike Shop -20 pts
22. Finlay YOUNG Equipe Velo Ecosse -60 pts
Race time 34 minutes 45secs

Junior Men's Keirin

Heat 1
1. Oliva Lewis Bristol Cycling Dev Squad
2. Skinner Callum City Of Edinburgh Rc
3. Berryman James Sport City Velo
4. Baker Tom Halesowen A & Cc
5. Gregory Thomas Halesowen A & Cc
6. Snow Daniel Welwyn Whlrs
7. Webb Jack Cc Cardiff

Heat 2
1. Paul John City Of Edinburgh Rc
2. Emadi Kian Tunstall Whlrs Cc
3. Stewart Paul Discovery Junior Cc
4. Gittings Matt Aw Cycles.Co.Uk
5. Claydon James Sport City Velo
6. Thomas Alistair Eastlands Velo
Rep 1
1. Gregory Thomas Halesowen A & Cc
2. Berryman James Sport City Velo
3. Gittings Matt Aw Cycles.Co.Uk
4. Thomas Alistair Eastlands Velo
Rep 2
1. Baker Tom Halesowen A & Cc
2. Stewart Paul Discovery Junior Cc
3. Snow Daniel Welwyn Whlrs
4. Claydon James Sport City Velo
5. Webb Jack Cc Cardiff

Minor Final 7th-10th
1. Daniel Snow Welwyn Whlrs
2. James Claydon Sport City Velo
3. Matt Gittings Aw Cycles.Co.Uk
4. Alistair Thomas Eastlands Velo
5. James Berryman Sport City Velo

Final For 1st – 6th Places
1. Kian Emadi Tunstall Whlrs Cc
2. Lewis Oliva Bristol Cycling Dev Squad
3. Thomas Gregory Halesowen A & Cc
4. Callum Skinner City Of Edinburgh Rc
5. John Paul City Of Edinburgh Rc
6. Tom Baker Halesowen A & Cc

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