Report: Welwyn Track League June 25

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Welwyn Track League June 25

Story posted June 28, 2010 | by Peter Waghorn

A disappointing end to an otherwise splendid evening's racing was brought to a premature close as a crash in the final event of the evening, the Senior 10 mile, resulted in the ambulance being brought in to attend cash victim Eric Gowland at trackside.

There were some close finishes in the two Senior 10 lap A/B Block Handicaps – David Baker, who was the convincing winner of the opening 10 lap scratch, was edged out in the Handicap event by Welwyn’s Mark Smith while in the second race Dave Langlands took an inches verdict over Eric Gowland. In the Senior B group, Welwyns Ryan Owens was in fine form winning the opening 10 lap scratch and the Devil.     

Sam Gilzean extended his overall lead in the  Youth A series with wins in the Scratch, Devil and Points races while Jack Plumley collected the same three wins in the Youth B series. William Street in his best ride for some weeks won the combined A/B/C group handicap with a well timed finish. As ever, the Youth C events were hotly contested by  the strong Welwyn contingent – Michael Parry won the 4 lap Scratch, Abigail Coles the 3 lap Handicap and Isobel Scott won the Handicap/Devil. To complete the picture, William Raymond won the four lap handicap from Clubmates Tom Durkin and Tom Street.

With new riders signing on each week, the number of registered riders in the senior category, now exceeds 130 while there are just over 50 riders spread across the three youth series. 

10 lap scratch A
1. David Baker (Police Sport) 
2. John McClelland (Agiskoviner)
3. Andrew Elderfield (VC Revolution)

10  lap Points A
1. John McClelland (Agiskoviner)
2. Sam King (Cambridge)
3. Vince Divine (Finchley RT)

10 lap A/B Block Pursuit
1. David Langlands (Fenland Clarion)
2. Eric Gowland (Cambridge)
3. Vince Divine (Finchley RT)  

10 lap A/B Block Pursuit
1. Mark Smith (Welwyn Whs)
2. David Baker (Police Sport)
3. John McClelland (Agiskoviner)
10 Lap Scratch B
1. Ryan Owens (Welwyn Whs)
2. Alan Galloway (CC Luton)
3. Rod Kelson (North Road)

Devil B
1. Ryan Owens (Welwyn Whs)
2. Sam Connolley (Maldon & Dist)
3. Nick Calvorey (Finchley RT_ 

Youth A/B
5 lap scratch
1. Sam Gilzean (Icknield)
2. Charlie Bexfield (Welwyn Whs)
3. Andrew Leveton (CC Ashwell)

1. Sam Gilzean (Icknield)
2. Jake Howes (Hillingdon)
3. Charlie Bexfield (Welwyn Whs) 

5 lap Points
1. Sam Gilzean (Icknield)
2. Jake Howes (Hillingdon)
3. Andrew Leveton (CC Ashwell))

Youth B/C
4 lap Scratch
1. Jack Plumley (Welwyn )
2. Jonathan Sjolin (West Suffolk)
3. Lucy Harper (Maldon & Dist)

1. Jack Plumley (Welwyn)
2. Jonathan Sjolin (West Suffolk)
3. Jack Plumley (Welwyn)
4. Lucy Harper (Maldon)

5 lap Points
1. Jack Plumley (Welwyn)
2. Lucy Harper (Maldon) 
3. Jonathan Sjolin (West Suffolk)

4 lap Combined ABC Handicap
1. William Street (Welwyn)
2. Kiera McVitty (Kingscliffe Flyers)
3. Jack Plumley (Welwyn)
Youth  C/D/E
4 lap scratch
1. Michael Parry,
2. William Raymond,
3. Tom Durkin  (all Welwyn)

3 lap Handicap
1. Abigail Coles,
2. William Raymond, 
3. Tom Durkin  (all Welwyn) 

4 lap Handicap/Devil
1. Isabel Scott (Welwyn),
2. Connor Woodford (Hillingdon)
3. William Raymond (Welwyn)

4 lap Handicap
1. Will Raymond,
2. Tom Durkin,
3. Tom Street  (all Welwyn)