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Revolution 28 Photo Albums

Story posted March 1, 2010, Photos by Larry Hickmott | Revolution 28 Report |

Revolution 28 was a fitting climax to a great season of Winter international track racing with many highlights which you can read about in Eddie Allen's report of the action (click for race report). Not only did we witness Chris Hoy and Jason Kenny use all the track in an effort to win their Sprint final, whilst we also saw Victoria Pendleton in great form. In additition, future champions Jess Varnish and Becky James held their own against older more experienced rivals.

Throughout the day, the British Sprint squad dominated the sprint events against their Dutch and German opponents and winning the Team Sprint competition with two under 44 second rides was an example of just how special the Great Britain riders were performing.

There was some exciting racing in the Endurance events too, including a masterful lesson from Rob Hayles to help young academy rider Erick Rowsell win the Points race in a classy field. The Future Stars also kept the crowd entertained with across the track sprint finishes and crashes to boot. Here are the photo albums of the day's racing:

Revolution 28: Evening (Part 1)

Revolution 28: Evening (Part 2)

Revolution 28: Afternoon

British Madison Championships 2010

| Revolution 28 Report |