Day 2 Youth & Junior Track Champs

Day 2 Youth & Junior Track Champs

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British Youth & Junior Track Championships

August 17, 2009; by Larry Hickmott
Day 2, Monday

Junior Men's Sprint, Junior Women Scratch, Under 16 Men’s Scratch, Under 16 Women's Sprint

On day 2 of the championships, four riders were crowned British Track Champions, Hannah Barnes, Ruby Miller, Kian Emadi and Rob Lambton. The day also saw some spectacular action from the somersaulting fall of John Paul in the Men’s Sprint to double World Junior Champion Becky James taking on the boys in the Junior Sprint to two exciting Scratch races won in great style by Ruby Miller and Rob Lambton.

The Under 16 Girls sprint also saw former hurdler from Norwich, Victoria Williamson show her talent for cycling when she made it all the way through to the Sprint final where she had to succumb to the talented and experienced endurance rider Hannah Barnes who can sprint very well indeed. It was quite a day where the track centre was packed with riders and parents all on a quest to be the best in Britain.

Junior Men's Sprint

First year Junior , Kian Emadi overcame some formidable opponents to win the blue ribbon sprint event at Newport. Emadi was the fastest qualifier where the field included World Champion Becky James racing in her rainbow bands for the first time and also in the field was youth A rider John Paul who was said to have broken the Under 16 flying 200 metre record when he was second fastest in qualifying to Emadi.

The competition really hotted up at the semi final stage where one of the favourites, Kevin Stewart went out to Emadi in three rides and likewise, John Paul had to fight hard to beat Callum Skinner, going through two rides to one. The final therefore was a first year Junior against an Under 16 champion and what a final it was where in the first ride, John Paul, about to launch his sprint at the bell, collided with Emadi and crashed and slid down half the home straight, getting up smiling afterwards and brushing himself off ready for the rerun.

Despite John Paul’s heroics, Emadi, who has just returned from the World Championships in Moscow, who was far too fast for the Team Terminator rider and Kian won the champion’s jersey whilst John Paul won the Silver and Kevin Stewart the bronze after he beat his City of Edinburgh teammate Callum Skinner in the bronze medal final.

That Crash!

1st Kian Emadi,    Brian Rourke CC    11.627    11.329
2nd John Paul, Team Terminator

3rd Kevin Stewart, City of Edinburgh RC    11.309    11.446
4th Callum Skinner, City of Edinburgh RC        

5th Lewis Oliva, Bristol CDS
6th Thomas Gregory, Halesowen A&CC
7th Jamie Bremner, City of Edinburgh RC
8th Thomas Baker, Halesowen A&CC

Full result sheet – Download World Document  Junior Men

Under 16 Women's Sprint
A rider I have seen win many an endurance race on the track and the road, Hannah Barnes won the sprint competition in straight forward style after not losing a match sprint through out the competition despite only qualifying fourth fastest. The Northampton rider seemed to get faster as the competition progressed and in the final for Gold she came up against a rider who has come to cycling from hurdling, Victoria Williamson. Victoria, sharing her  name with a  truly great sprinter in Victoria Pendleton, also made her way into the final in style by not losing a ride. Williamson may have lacked experience but she certainly had some power and speed in the legs despite only having taken up the sport last October. Her natural talent though was not enough to trouble Barnes who won the final in two straight rides.

Hannah Barnes: “Some of the races were close and I know I’m not the best when it comes to knowing what to do in sprinting. I just go out there and ride it – whatever happens, happens. I only do this once a year and it does go on and on all day and you get so nervous. I prefer a single race!“ Hannah will also be tackling all the endurance races at the championships.

Victoria Williamson is a talented sprinter who has been inducted onto the Olympic Development programme a year early and her Silver was her best result in any sport she has tackled so far. Asked how she has ended up racing bikes after doing track and field, she explained “my javelin coach knows Iain Dyer (National Sprint coach) and I came down to one of the ODP testings and it went from there. Emma Pooley also came and did a talk at my school and she had a medal at Beijing. That inspired me that some one at my school had won a medal. This was my first major cycling championship and I was really nervous. I have never been so nervous in my life!”

“Even in qualifying I was shaking when Jon was holding me up on the line. I am still learning the tactics and Jon (Norfolk) was giving me advice on what to do out there. Becky has been lovely too and is an inspiration to me. I am disappointed that I didn’t beat Hannah but I need to learn the tactics of sprinting because I know I have the power.”

1. Hannah Barnes, Pinarello RT
2. Victoria Williamson, BC PM
3. Emily Kay, Halesowen A&CC
4. Sarah Crowley, Cardiff Ajax CC
5. Harriet Owen, Bicester Millenium CC
6. Jessica Crampton, Eastlands Velo
7. Lisa Daly, Sportscity Velo
8. Eleanor Corkhill, Discovery Junior CC

Full result sheet – Download World Document Under 16 Women

Junior Women Scratch – Birthday Victory for Ruby

Ruby Miller wins the Junior Women Scratch race

This race was a straight out final won in style by former mountain biker turned track and road rider, first year junior Ruby Miller who has been such a star of the Future Stars competition at the Revolution track meetings in the winter. Miller, who is tiny and only weights 47 kilos, certainly packed a big punch on the track when she led the chase for two riders out front and managed to hang on to beat a rider who has won no less than three medals at the 2009 European Championships recently, Laura Trott.

In was a great ending to the fast paced race, Hannah Rich of CandiTV/Marshalls Pasta took a flyer several laps out and was chased down by Jessica Booth. With a lap to go, the chase behind these two was being headed by Ruby Miller and on the finish line after a nail biting final lap, Ruby had several lengths on her nearest challenger, Laura Trott who was second whilst another prolific winner in Youth races, Lucy Garner was third.

Ruby Miller on the race: “This is my first national track title. I got three seconds and third so every time I was on the podium. I hadn’t managed to get the Gold so it was really good this time to win on my birthday!”

 “I knew Hannah was going to go early because there were some fast girls out there but I found myself in the right position and I just started going. With two laps I thought I may as well go and I kicked and managed to hold on to the end. It was fast all the way through with riders doing half lap turns and keeping the speed up. It was a really good race.”

“I have been focusing on mountain biking this year but that hasn’t really worked out. I have been abroad but haven’t really got the results I wanted and haven’t improved so now my focus is on road and track and hopefully next year I can do well in those disciplines. I was on the track last week and before that it was the Revolution series.  Hopefully next year with the Europeans I’ll be on the track a lot more and I’d like to work on my climbing to for the road.” Surprisingly for some one so light, Ruby admits it’s not her strongest area on the road. But being so small has its advantages says Ruby. “On the road I find people look straight past me I’m so small so it works to my advantage.”

Laura Trott,Ruby Miller and Lucy Garner

1. Ruby Miller    BC PM
2. Laura Trott, VC Londres
3. Lucy Garner, Leicestershire RC
4. Hannah Rich, Pinarello RT
5. Jessica Booth, Halesowen A&CC
6. Sarah Reynolds, Team Wallis
7. Jessica Anderson, Sportscity Velo
8. Ella Sadler-Andrews, Team Wallis
9. Hannah Walker, GS Surosa
10. Hannah Shenton, Paul Milnes RT
11. Corrine Hall, Team Corridori
12. Hannah Layland    VC St Raphael
13. Natalie Hill, Hillingdon Slipstreamers
14. Kate Calvert, Zerofour
15. Bryony Darbon, VC Londres
16. Lisa Daly, Sportscity Velo
17. Penny Rowson, Team
Race Time 13 mins 6 secs

Under 16 Men’s Scratch
After no less than three qualifying events for this race, a full field of 24 riders lined up for this championship event which was won in a Brooks Cycles 1-2
with Robert Lambton crossing the line arm aloft first ahead of Declan Byrne with a late attacker, Owain Doull coming in third after being caught by the Brooks Cycles tandem in the closing stages.

After a number of promising moves during the race, it wasn't until two Halesowen riders attacked off the front and were joined by a Sportcity Velo rider. The three quickly became two as one of the Purple brigade went back to the chasers and soon it was a lone Jess Wieckowski who was doing his best to stay clear as Owain Doull started a lone chase and was soon racing past the Halesowen rider. There were only a handful of laps or less left and it was crunch time for the peloton. The only real reaction though came from the Brookes Cycles duo who went clear of the bunch and stayed clear all the way to the line where Lambton won the title.

“I had no idea how it was going to work out” he explained. “It seemed to be working out well at the start and then with five or six to go, I slipped to the back and I thought I’ve just got to go over the top and go for it. When I did, I hesitated as I got to the front and thought should I go or shouldn’t I and I saw Owain Doull was out front and thought I have to go. I went when I had the chance. It was brilliant to have two Brooks Cycles riders up there and we have the same coach, Chris Pyatt.” Rob races the Newcastle Track League, sponsored by Brooks Cycles, and he says “that track league is brilliant, always hard and testing and great fun.” Rob now says he’ll be applying to try and get on the Olympic Development Programme.

Final Result
1. Robert Lambton    Brooks Cycles
2. Declan Byrne    Brooks Cycles
3. Owain Doull    Cardiff Ajax CC
4. Jonathan Dibben
5. Jordan Hargreaves    Planet X
6. Oliver Rossi    Team Corridori
7.Jack Penrice    Sportscity Velo
8. Patrick Galbraith    Velo Ecosse
9. Joshua Papworth    Wyre Forest CC
10. James Berryman    Sportscity Velo
11. Greg Brown    Glasgow Nightingale CC
12. Samuel Lowe    Go Sports Spex RT
13. Christopher Latham    Sportscity Velo
14. Simon Winston    VC St Raphael
15. Matthew Haase    Newport Olympic
16. Jordon Skinner    Dinnington RC
17. Jordan Bason    Wolverhampton Whlrs
18. Alistair Slater    Bourne Whlrs
19. Jim Lewis    Glendene CC
20. James Locker    Halesowen A&CC
21. Stephen Bradbury    Palmer Park Velo
22. Alex Minting    Planet X
23.Matthew Rotherham    Sportscity Velo
Race time 12 mins 50 secs

Full result sheet – Download World Document Under 16 Male


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Kian Emadi and John Paul battling it out in a great sprint final.

Callum Skinner and Kevin Stewart treat the crowd to a stand still

Kevin Stewart and Kian Emadi in a hard fought semi final

Callum Skinner taking a ride from John Paul in the semi final

Minor final action won by Lewis Oliva (inside)

World Champion Becky James gets a hit out in the Junior men's Sprint

Lewis Oliva leads Kevin Stewart in the Junior Men Sprint

Hannah Rich takes a flyer several laps from the end in the 40 lap race for Junior Women.

Laura Trott leads the field lined out early in the 40 lap race for Junior Women.

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