2012 UEC Track Cycling European Championships - Day 2 report
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2012 UEC Track Cycling European Championships - Day 2 report


Published 20 October 2012
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Victoria Williamson placed a very impressive fifth in the women's sprint and Callum Skinner, fresh from his National Championship winning ride only a few weeks previously, finished in seventh place overall in the men's event as Great Britain’s Academy sprinters took to the boards at the Cido arena in Lithuania on day two at the European Track Championships.

British Cycling Academy Programme athletes Lewis Oliva and Callum Skinner qualified fifth and sixth fastest respectively with 10.267s and 10.308s. Oliver qualified comfortably in the first round against Kutsenko of the Ukraine as did Skinner who met Ceci of Italy. Oliva’s fortunes changed, however, in the 1/8 round when he was beaten to the line by Conord of France. Shortly afterwards, he ended his competition for the day after placing third in the 1/8 round repecharges.

2012 National Sprint Champion, Skinner, however, beat Ptachnik of the Czech Republic in the 1/8 round, but as the competition moved to best of three in the 1/4 finals, he lost out 2-0 to Demetriv of Russia. He eventually placed seventh in the 5-8 finals.

Academy Programme athlete Victoria Williamson qualified in 7th place in a time of 11.668s but was unable to overcome Simona Krupeckaite who beat her 2-0 in the 1/4 finals. After an impressive ride in the 5-8 final, she proved her maturity, overcoming experience from the likes of Sandie Clair of France to win the race and place fifth overall.

Callum Skinner and Lewis Oliva, both making their first appearances in an elite European championship, will compete in the men’s keirin tomorrow, as will defending 2011 European Champion Matt Crampton.

Victoria Williamson will also be in action in the women’s keirin also held at the Cido arena tomorrow.


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