British Cycling Updated Coronavirus/Covid-19 Guidance

British Cycling Updated Coronavirus/Covid-19 Guidance

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From April 12th, England will progress to Step 2 of the UK Government roadmap, which means that we can now re-introduce even more cycling activities and events.

This page will be updated regularly, and if you have any further questions you can find contact details for our teams here. You can find the most up-to-date guidance for Scotland here and Wales here.

What changes at Step 2 (from Monday 12 April)?

There are a small number of changes impacting cycling activities as part of the move to Step 2 of the UK Government roadmap. These are summarised below, with full guidance provided in our The Way Forward guidance documents.

  • Indoor activities for under-18s can resume in any number (subject to usual coach-rider ratios). Under-18s are defined as those who were under 18 on 31 August 2020, even if they turn 18 during the remainder of the academic year.
  • Adults are permitted to access indoor facilities such as indoor velodromes to take part in sport and physical activity, but should only do this alone or with people in their support bubble.
  • Spectating will be permitted on public land (while continuing to adhere to the Rule of Six), but continues to be prohibited at all private indoor and outdoor sports facilities – with the exception of those supporting under-18s or disabled people in a safeguarding capacity.

What about group rides?

From March 29th, British Cycling affiliated Club and recreation programme rides (HSBC UK Breeze, Guided Rides and Ride Social) will be able to take place in groups of up to 15.

These rides will be subject to a series of Covid mitigation measures, including: test and trace protocols, one metre social distancing while riding, two metre social distancing while not riding, and guidance covering hygiene, equipment sharing and self-sufficiency. More details on this can be found in The Way Forward here.

Clubs and groups which do not feel confident or comfortable riding in groups of 15 at this stage are permitted and encouraged to set a lower limit which is appropriate for their own circumstances. 15 is a limit, not a target.

While we know that group riding presents a very low risk of transmission (due to it taking place outdoors, with very limited face-to-face contact), we must remain mindful of the wider public’s understandable concerns around Covid-19 and ensure that all clubs and groups respect and adhere to the relevant Covid-secure guidance for safe delivery.

Informal group rides – such as groups of friends meeting to ride together – will continue to be subject to the Rule of Six at this time, along with all other general Government guidance on social distancing and interaction

What about coaching?

From March 29th coaching activities can resume outdoors, with numbers to be determined by the coach’s qualification remit and the capacity of the space where the activity takes place. Guidance for coaches on safely managing their sessions to reduce the risk of transmission can be found in The Way Forward here.

At Step 2, indoor coaching activity is permitted for groups of under-18s, educational purposes (including wraparound care) and disabled people. Coaching activity for adults can resume on a 1:1 basis

What about events?

From Step 1: Phase 2 (from March 29) we re-introduced a wide range of outdoor events, with discipline-specific guidance provided in The Way Forward here. At Step 2 (from April 12), indoor events are only permitted for under-18s, disabled people, educational purposes and elite sport.

Planning is now underway for a series of pilot events for road racing and MTB gravity (with uplift), which have been impacted most by the pandemic. We will be running these events in steps two and three of the roadmap

What about facilities?

In Step 2 (from April 12) both outdoor and indoor facilities are permitted to re-open, however adults are only permitted to access indoor facilities either alone or with people in their support bubble.

Our The Way Forward guidance for facility operators can be found here. Further information can be found on the Sport England website here

Can I travel to take part organised sport and physical activity?

While you should minimise time spent outside your home, you can leave your home to exercise and take part in informal and organised sport and physical activity. Always check that it’s safe to travel before you set out to take part in sport or recreation.

Car sharing for the purposes of sport and physical activity is not permitted, and overnight stays are only permitted in self-contained accommodation (ie. those that do not require shared use of showers, catering or sleeping facilities), which must only be used by members of the same household.

Is there a limit on length or duration for group riding?

There is no limit on length or duration set out in the Government guidance, however we continue to urge clubs and groups to use their common sense and ensure that they are self-sufficient while out riding.

Are café stops permitted?

At any pre, mid or post-ride stops, groups should immediately default to the Government’s general guidance for social contact – the Rule of Six. This means splitting your group into wholly separate groups of six or fewer, with riders remaining in their group for the duration of the stop.

During any refreshment stops you should also ensure that you comply with Government guidance for hospitality settings and any other mitigation measures put in place by the establishment.

Can I cross into a neighbouring home nation on my ride?

Covid guidance and regulations currently differ in across England, Scotland and Wales, and the guidance found on this page is applicable for England only. You can find the most up-to-date guidance for Scotland here and Wales here.

We are working with colleagues in Wales and Scotland to develop appropriate guidance for those who cross national borders on their rides, as we appreciate that this is of particular importance for a number of our clubs and groups in border areas. However, our advice is that you refrain where possible from crossing national borders while riding at this time.

Can multiple organised group rides start from the same location?

Before and after rides groups should split themselves into wholly separate groups of six or fewer, in line with general Government guidance on social contact. For example, a 12-person group ride should split into two separate groups of six at the meeting and finish point of their ride, in addition to any mid-ride stops.

To prevent overcrowding and mixing, we strongly advise clubs and groups running multiple rides to stagger the start times to prevent larger groups from gathering at the same time (including at any mid-ride café stops)

Is spectating permitted at events and coaching sessions?

Spectators aren't permitted in any private indoor or outdoor sport facilities, but are permitted on public land (in groups of six, or two households). Public land includes places like parks, countryside accessible to the public, forests, public gardens and the grounds of a heritage site.

Spectating is however permitted in all cases for carers for disabled people, or adults needed to supervise under-18s in a safeguarding role. Where it’s necessary for them to be present, supervising adults should not mix with others from outside their household or support bubble.

As a British Cycling member, what does this mean for my third-party liability insurance?

British Cycling’s third-party liability insurance and legal support and advice member benefits remain in place for all Commute, Ride, Race Silver and Race Gold members.

Those riding in groups which comply with Government and British Cycling guidelines (as set out on this page) will be covered, but please note that insurance cover provided to members and Clubs will be invalid if they are wilfully contravening Government advice or participating in activities which are currently suspended.

When will ranking points resume?

Ranking points will resume at Step 3 of the current roadmap, from Monday 17 May at the earliest.

What if my First Aid qualification has expired?

In March we announced changes to our First Aid requirements to support those who are continuing to experience difficulties in accessing in-person training opportunities.

You can find out more about the new requirements here, and if you have any questions please email

Do I need to be vaccinated to work or volunteer at a cycle sport event?

No. Workforce and volunteer roles will be allocated in the usual way and will not be dependent upon vaccination status.

As per the guidance set out in The Way Forward here, those working and volunteering at cycle sport events will maintain social distancing from all other event attendees and participants, will practice good hand hygiene, and are permitted to wear a face covering where deemed appropriate.

Who can I contact for more information?

If you have any further questions our teams will be happy to help. You can find all of the relevant contact details here.