If you’re not used to cycling in a large group, embarking hip to handlebar with hundreds or thousands of riders can be intimidating. However, with some knowledge of what to expect, the experience will be fun, sociable and unforgettable.

With tips from our Insight Zone experts you'll be proficient in everything from hand signals to rules of the road - and that includes some unwritten ones.

Our top ten group riding tips:
 1. Communicate
 2. Be aware
 3. Obey the rules of the road
 4. Ride consistently and predictably
 5. Make sure both you and you’re bike are prepared
 6. Avoid half wheeling
 7. Don't wheel suck
 8. Don’t ride in the gutter
 9. Expect the group to change
10. Use hand signals

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If you're attempting a sportive on your own rather than with a group of friends, don't despair. You'll find that groups form on the road and with them a kind of natural selection - inadvertently you'll find yourself in a group travelling at a pace that you're comfortable with.