Sportives are a great way to get into organised cycling events, giving you the chance to complete a fully signed and supported ride in a relaxed environment.


A typical sportive might include:

Events cover between 20 and 150 miles, run year-round and routes vary across the country, from flat and quintessentially English, to hilly and challenging to complete. 

The sportive phenomenon is now well established with events ranging from commercialised 25,000 rider sell-outs, to club and community rides attracting a couple of hundred local participants. From the thrill of being part of a huge group of riders, to discovering the many amazing cycling roads in Britain and making new friends along the way, sportives offer all this and more.

British Cycling's sportive calendar helps you find your perfect ride with hundreds of events to choose from nationwide - just enter your search terms, discover the available rides and enter online to book your place.

Events are also given a British Cycling Grading score, so you can compare the level of challenge across multiple events before your ride.