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Organisers look forward to South Wales round of Schwalbe MTB Marathon and Sportive Series

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MTB Marathon Series 2013 - Crickhowell | Road Sportive Series 2013 - Crickhowell
Event: 3-4 August 2013
Location: Crickhowell, Powys, South Wales

After a great event at Marshbrook, event organisers MTB Marathon have got the lowdown on the third round of their combined MTB and Sportive weekenders at Crickhowell in South Wales, once again uniting the two tribes of cycling at one great event. 

The summer is truly here and after having an amazing marathon in Marshbrook only a couple of weekends ago we are now heading head first into the 3rd round of the SCHWALBE MTB Marathon & Road Sportive Series 2013 Powered by Mercedes-Benz Vito Sport.

After a sun spoiled event in Marshbrook where the feedback from mountain bikers and sportive riders alike was super positive we hoping to take the dry and dusty conditions from Shropshire all the way to Abergavenny/Crickhowell and offer the riders more of the same. If you haven’t seen the pictures from the Marshbrook round yet then make sure you visit www.rightplacerighttime.co.uk and if you want to see how long it took you to complete your course check out the results pages (MTB or Road Sportive).

The Crickhowell event was our ‘test’ event in 2012 where we tried out the MTB-Marathon Saturday – bar & live music – Road Sportive Sunday concept. Going by having a fantastic atmosphere throughout the weekend peaked by the ‘after party’ on Saturday night we obviously decided to give this line-up a proper go in 2013. Nothing is set in stone for the future but certainly for 2013 we will be running the MTB-Marathons on Saturday and the Road Sportives on Sunday.

The upcoming Abergavenny/Crickhowell round (3-4 August 2013) has once again plenty to offer for the dirt as well as road riders.

On Saturday three MTB-Marathons will be on offer kicking off at the venue with a mass start at 10am.

Saturday’s MTB-Marathons:

We will have the Mini marathon with an approximate length of 31km and approx. 850m of climbing. The ride is ideal for beginners, families and riders who don’t want to push it too far. There will be two feed stations (with plenty of water, energy drink, bananas and other foods) on course – one at 16km and the other one at 25km.

The next length up is the half marathon – which at the 3rd round is approx. 50km long and features 1,350m of climbing. The half and the full marathon are both aimed at the experienced rider who ideally has ridden distances like that before. The 50km course has two feed stations – at 20km and 37km.

The longest MTB-Marathon on offer over the weekend will be the 75km long full marathon. With more than 2,200m of climbing this course is a real challenge – in particular if the weather is staying the way it has been over the last few weeks. The full marathon has 3 feed stations – at 20km, 48km ad 60km. So plenty of chance to top up your supplies and to make sure that you always have sufficient fluid with you.

After the MTB marathons come to an end the ‘after party’ will get going in the marquee with some live music, some great food from our event caterer and some nicely chilled drinks from the event bar.

For all the details including course description, details on the weekend and family ticket and registration times please go to the Abergavenny/Crickhowell event page

Sunday’s Road Sportives:

Sunday will be all about road sportives – and the area around Crickhowell has some real challenges up its sleeve. See full details of the Crickhowell sportives including course description, signing on timings and map downloads here.

The two sportives have an open start window from 8.30 - 9.30am in which riders can start at any times they like. Most likely there will be some delay at the very beginning of the start window as lots of riders want to start early. 

The two routes on offer are the Standard Sportive with a course length of approx. 50 miles (80km). The course features approx. 1,450m of climbing and will have one very well stocked feed station at approximately 24 miles.

The Classic Sportive comes in with a course length of 85 miles (136km) and with an over all amount of climbing in the region of 2,500m. Riders can expect two well stocked feed stations – one at 24 miles and one at 55miles.

And to make sure that you don’t go home hungry or thirsty we have another ‘tea – coffee and cake’ station at the finish line where you also receive your finishing present and your certificate.


Sportive Entry here.

MTB Endurance Entry here.

More info can be viewed here MTB here / Road here

DONT FORGET - we have great savings on the weekend ticket which includes a MTB Marathon on the Saturday and a Road Sportive on the Sunday as well as on the Family tickets where 12-15 year old kids ride for free if they are riding with a paying adult.

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