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Event Insurance

British Cycling offers non competitive event organisers insurance cover which is for legal liabilities arising from claims made against an event organiser, official or participant* which involves either bodily injury or property damage to a third party and which have been caused by the negligence.

The below documents outline this cover in more detail:

Insurance Policy Insurance Booklet Insurance Advice


  • How much will the event insurance cost?

To insure your event with British Cycling there is a £50 registration fee, which is paid upon event approval. Once approved you will be sent confirmation which will include your Insurance Certificate.
Post event there is a £1.20 levy fee per rider. This is to be paid within 7 days AFTER the event date online.

  • As a registered Event Organiser, will I have to follow any Event Guidelines?

Yes, British Cycling have a set of Non Competitive Event Guidelines and Best Practice registered organisers are to adhere to.

  • My event adheres to the Non Competitive Guidelines, how can I register it with British Cycling?

If this is your first time registering an event with British Cycling, please contact your Regional Events Officer (REO) to discuss details and ensure you have the Event Organiser role attached to your British Cycling membership account**.

If you are already a member, please call our Sportive Team on 0161 274 2008 to gain access to the Organiser Dashboard to create and submit your event for approval.

  • I'm already a registered Event Organiser with British Cycling, what do I have to do?

Make sure you touch base with your Regional Events Officer (REO) before submitting your event for approval.

Once happy, log on to your Event Organiser Dashboard here to create and submit your event for approval. Please allow up to 14 working days for the event approval process.

  • My event is next week, can I still insure it with British Cycling

No, unfortunately, we do not accept any event registrations within 7 days of the event start date. It would be preferable to register the event as soon as you know the event detials to ensure others are aware of your plans, and you have the necessary coer in place.

  • I would like to use British Cycling's online entry system to collect entry fees, how can I set this up?

When you create your event, you will be given the option to set up online entry. If your event is already live, please contact your Regional Events Officer (REO) or our Sportive Team on 0161 274 2008 to get set up.

  • I already have event insurance, can I still list my event?

If you already have event insurance arranged for your event, British Cycling can offer organisers a free basic listing on our comprehensive events calendar. This will include the event name, date, start times and entry fees.

To take up this offer, send in a completed Free Event Listing Application Form to and we will upload onto the events calendar for you.


* Individual cover will only be provided to participants who are either Race Gold, Race Silver or Ride Members of British Cycling.

** If you do not have a British Cycling membership, please note that we offer new organiser’s a free bronze membership – please call to set up this account after getting in touch with your REO. If you have a current membership however do not have the Event Organiser tab within your dashboard, please contact