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Sportive Tips - Time to get technical - through and off

Sportive Tips - Time to get technical - through and off

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It’s time to get technical, as the are gearing you up for a fast start to your sportive season. In the plans this week you will find technical guidance on how to ride through and off in a small group.

Riding through and off has many benefits, saving you time and energy when riding long distances at a fast pace. When done correctly it’s a very smooth and efficient process. Below are the four top tips to riding through and off in a group:

  • When you are moving off the front, check over your shoulder and move to one side. Be aware of the traffic and also which direction the wind is coming from.
  • Lower your pace slightly to allow the group to pass on the inside.
  • Look for the last rider's wheel and be ready to slot in and shelter
  • Communication is vital, make sure everyone in the group is supporting each other to maximise speed and recovery.

If you need more information, British Cycling members can see the Olympic Development riders and Insight Zone Expert Roger Hammond explaining and showing, the full process of riding through and off in the Insight Zone.