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Routeguide: Burgess Hill Springtime Classic

Routeguide: Burgess Hill Springtime Classic

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Event 3 March 2013

In its fifth year the Burgess Hill Springtime Classic Cyclosportive on the 3 March 2013 will again host the three testing routes it has become well known for - you can .

Regarded by many as the early season must do cyclosportive in the southeast, it has already over 500 entrants and with weeks to go numbers will more than likely grow considerably.

There are a choice of three routes to test your early season fitness:

The Classic @71 miles
The Challenge @54 miles
The Tour @36 miles

Each year the event raises awareness and funds for the Sussex Heart Charity.

The routes are tough in places and although there are no mountains all the local hills are included to produce an exciting roller coaster route through some really picturesque parts of Sussex and Kent.

Here is a list of the main hills that the Classic at 71 miles follows.

Pillow Mounds Hill
This is the first big test which all routes ascend. Riders have to tackle a ford at the base of this hill, with the steepest part at the beginning. With fresh legs most riders can get to the summit with a smile on their face. Fit cyclists will see this more as a warm up. Any sign of a struggle now will be a warning and it’s probably best to consider taking the direction to one of the shorter routes while you have the chance.

Kidds Hill
Before you get to Kidds hill there are some beautiful roads on route through the Ashdown Forest, you will descend for some time before reaching the base which is locally known as the wall. A really testing climb, if you don’t like hills it’s time to knuckle down and embrace the pain.

Groombridge Hill
Deeper into the Weald area of the Southeast crossing over into Kent is the climb of Groombridge Hill. Humourously nicknamed the Col du Groombridge, this is no alpine climb but never the less it is one more big hill to sap the energy from your legs. Conservation of energy is advised on this hill as you won’t even be half way around the Classic route while on this climb.

Cob Lane Hill
If you are a past entrant on the Springtime Classic or the longer summer version of this event the Rumble Cyclosportive then you may shudder when Cob Lane is mentioned. If we wanted to paint a rosey picture about Cob Lane Hill we would start with the fact that this hill is pleasantly short in length and climbs through a lovely wooded area. We would state also that soon after this hill there is a feeding station to rest and replace your energy. These statements would be true but missing out the one important fact, that with a gradient of 20% this hill is a cycling shoe cleat breaker, as many have to resign themselves to walking up this hill. Those lovely trees we mentioned drop their leaves on this 20% gradient making the surface of the road slightly slippery and even harder to climb as any excessive energy applied to the pedals only results in rear wheel spin rather than forward motion. We predict if you haven’t saved considerable leg strength for this hill then you will be taking the walk of shame rather than the ascent of victory.

We shouldn’t forget though that what goes up must come down and this cycling event has its fair share of great descents as well as climbs. It is the perfect Cyclosportive; the event to do to test your early season fitness. With a great social feel to the whole day it’s an event not to miss.

All three routes of the Springtime Classic have excellent feed stations. As well as the standard energy foods we have a good selection of savoury foods like delicious sausage rolls should your taste buds be getting bored with sweet things.

Main feed stations have access to toilets and all offer a safe place to wait.

Qualified medics with an ambulance are on route should you need medical attention with Mechanics
and a few broom wagons also available.

The headquarters of this event is again based at Oakmeeds College in the Centre of Burgess Hill which has all the amenities a cyclosportive rider might need.

As the report on this event was written (January) there are already over 500 riders entered and as entry levels tend to peak in the weeks just before the event it is advisable to enter soon to avoid disappointment but we already told you that....... I guess we mean hurry!

Go to the SRS Events webisite to find out more about the event.