Sportive Training Plans - Tight, Light and Layered Clothing

Sportive Training Plans - Tight, Light and Layered Clothing

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The winter weather is taking hold, your training rides are longer and this will make sessions harder. With this change in the weather; clothing choice will play a vital role in your cycling training, helping with heat regulation and aerodynamics.

Getting the balance right in the winter months can be hard; it is less about aerodynamics and all about regulating heat. Any moisture trapped on the skin in cold weather can make your ride uncomfortable, making sure you stay warm is the key to a good winter bike ride.

There are a few simple tricks and tips you need to know when planning your clothing to regulate heat on cold weather rides;

- Tight fitting base layers next to the skin are great way of keeping warm and wicking sweat away from the body. Moisture releasing clothing works by placing ventilation zones where heat needs to leave the body.

- Have layers available that can be taken on and off through the ride. A lightweight rain cape or gilet is not just for wet weather; they can be worn to keep the upper body warm and if you get too warm can be unzipped or placed in a rear pocket.

- Leg warmers can be used in conjunction with your normal cycling shorts when the weather is cold. In the really cold weather a set of bib tights with a fleece lining will help keep your legs warm.

So plan your kit the night before, remember to keep it tight, light, and layered; which will ensure your cold winter sessions become a breeze.

We hope you’re keeping up to date with the British Cycling Sportive Training Plans. It may also be an opportunity to catch up if you missed the first issue just a few weeks ago. We’ll be here week on week to give you a snap shot as to what’s coming and hopefully offer a little support along the way.

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