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Sportive Training Plans - The Sportive Lifestyle

Sportive Training Plans - The Sportive Lifestyle

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The British Cycling Sportive Training Plans are one element of what for some might be a lifestyle change. For increased performance other areas need to be addressed which includes your nutrition.

As the sessions develop over the coming weeks you will be riding on consecutive days, for longer durations, and sometimes higher intensities. You will need to concentrate on your nutritional planning to make sure you complete each session and prepared for the next one.

To make sure you are ready for next week’s sessions remember:

- To maintain a good blood sugar level you should eat on rides over an hour in length. One gel, half an energy bar, or a small banana per hour is sufficient. Start to eat from around forty five minutes into your ride.

- Keep drinking in cold weather. This can be tough when it’s cold, but is essential for good performance and recovery. Concentration lapses, coordination disruption, higher heart rate readings and feeling light headed are symptoms of dehydration. A 500ml bottle of liquid of your choice every hour will keep you hydrated.

- A recovery meal or protein shake is not needed after every ride. If you ride for up to an hour you can wait until your next meal. If your ride is over an hour or at a high intensity then you might want to consider a recovery snack. If you are eating a meal within 90 minutes of the session then you don’t need anything. If you are not having a meal within 90 minutes you could have a glass of semi skimmed milk and a banana to keep your blood sugar levels up.

- Eating in the last forty five minutes of a long ride is also a good idea. It gives your blood sugar level a boost, and means you are less likely to raid the fridge on your return. Although this also requires some willpower.

Eat, ride, recover well and the training sessions will fly by. Remember good nutrition is as important as a well maintained bike.

We hope you’re keeping up to date with the British Cycling Sportive Training Plans. It may also be an opportunity to catch up if you missed the first issue just a few weeks ago. We’ll be here week on week to give you a snap shot as to what’s coming and hopefully offer a little support along the way.

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