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Sportive Training Plans - Rest Week 2

Sportive Training Plans - Rest Week 2

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In three days you will have made it to the second rest week in the British Cycling Sportive Training Plan. This is a time when your body can recover from the physical and mental strain of all your hard work.

The rest week is a time when you can get your house in order for the next four weeks. As you have a lighter week on the bike, utilise this time by creating time for future training sessions. Once you have caught up on your household or family tasks, take time to plan your lifestyle for the next eight weeks, as the training sessions will be more frequent and intense. 

 When planning your lifestyle remember:

- Try to make time for activities or meet up with friends outside of cycling. You have a life and cycling is part of it, making time for close family and friends will take your mind off training.

- Plan time for commitments will help plan your time to train. Make everyone in the house aware of the time you need to train and how you can help them in your down time.

- Use the time to sort out any mechanical issues you may have with the bike.  To make sure you don’t lose any sessions in the weeks to come.

Three more days to push through and the rest week is yours to enjoy. Make the most of this time and plan your lifestyle for an increase in training hours; as we will be building your endurance in the next four week cycle of training.

We hope you’re keeping up to date with the British Cycling Training Plans. It may also be an opportunity to catch up if you missed the first issue just a few weeks ago. We’ll be here week on week to give you a snap shot as to what’s coming and hopefully offer a little support along the way.

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