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Sportive Training Plans - Intensity

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Published: 11 October 2012

Don’t forget to get started early this year with British Cycling Sportive training plans. These will take you through a 6 month, week by week process, to kick start your 2013 season ready and raring to go.

You are two weeks into your training with the British Cycling Sportive Training Plans, so you should have completed a threshold test and calculated your training zones. Week 3 brings more intensity to your rides. This increase in intensity, followed by a recovery week in week 4, will see your fitness rise as your body adapts.

Intermediate plan riders; remember when pedalling at threshold efforts you should;

  • Keep your upper body stable but not rigid.
  • Pedal through the bottom of the pedal stroke, not just on the drive down.
  • Concentrate on using gears which allow you to keep the recommended cadence for the session.

This weather next week might be a little wet around the country, so have your bike and clothing ready the day before, not having the right clothes ready can be an excuse not to go out riding.

This coming week is the hardest week so far; so stay motivated, there is a rest week is just around the corner! And remember keep us informed on how you are getting on with the plans.

More coaching information can be found in the British Cycling Sportive Training Plans as part of your member benefit.

Not using the British Cycling Sportive Training Plans? Get involved through the member benefits page.

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