Sportive Bloggers Competition Entry - Jerry Collingwood

Sportive Bloggers Competition Entry - Jerry Collingwood

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Here's one of our latest competition entries, 27 year old Jerry from Hampshire who's got a big sportive season planned. 

After completing eight sportives last year I had decided on the Southern Spring Classic as my first of the year since it included many roads on which I learnt to ride as a kid. This year I am starting road racing so will not ride too many sportives, but since I cannot race the Tour de France just yet I am including La Marmotte and l’Etape du Tour in my repertoire.

April Fool's Day 2012 started for me at 07:00 when I arose for breakfast and a few last minute tweaks to my trusty steed. Not long after I was sprinting up the 1:8 hill on which I had grown up, I was usual. 12 miles in 37 minutes later I was at the event registration in Liphook.

I had set myself a target time of 4 hours to complete the 73 mile course, this would require an average in excess of 18mph, which on hilly terrain was not going to be easy.

I knew the first descent was steep in places and the road surface was likely to present challenges. As I reached the bottom, I hit a pothole hard and yelped in pain, with lightning reactions I swerved to avoid two water bottles that had been shaken from bottle cages of earlier riders.

Not much further on a large smile came to my face, I recognised where I was, Hill Brow Road - a route I use regularly. Once across the junction I tucked into an aerodynamic pose, taking the gentle corners at speeds touching 40mph, full of confidence in my recently upgraded tyres and brake pads.

By 10.00 I was in Alton, we had been warned to be mindful of traffic but I found little about. I made good progress on the long drag up to Medstead where the first feed station awaited, I filled one water bottle with energy drink, grabbed a handful of jelly beans and was off again, by my calculations I was six minutes up on target time.

The middle section of the course proved uncomfortable, possibly due to the incessant undulations breaking my rhythm. I maintained my target speed but ceased to gain time. It felt like an eternity before I returned to familiar roads.

I left the second feed station in a large group, but by the base of the new cycle route over the Devil's Punchbowl I was alone again. I enjoyed the long gentle climb and the scenery. With legs burning as I crested the top I upped my pace. My legs felt weak but I was nearing the finish.

On the last climb I saw my target time tick by, crossing the line less than 3 minutes later. It had been an enjoyable ride, well organised, and well sponsored by SportivePhoto who provided all the pictures free of charge!

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