Gethin's Blog: 26th August 2009

Gethin's Blog: 26th August 2009


"Day 8 - not gr8"

25 degrees, dry and no wind... in the safety car! On the bike, it was a different story...

From the spine of the Pennines through the heart of North Yorkshire - a day to look forward to, I thought to myself!

With the wind so strong - and my bike not being the heaviest - it was a battle the whole way. There was no respite at all. The sparse open spaces offering no shelter, the greasy roads mixed with the vicious crosswind throwing the bike in all kinds of directions, apart from the right one - forward! With 10 miles to go, I was 'spent'. It was a slow end...

I passed the site of the 'Battle of the Standard'. In 1138 the Scots were driven out by the English. In 2009, a Welshman on his bike wasn't given the 'warmest' welcome either, thanks to the elements!

A friend of mine once said to me that I was "born to carry the coal - rather than sit in front of the fire and watch it burn". Despite the conditions, I'd still rather be on the bike, than in a car.

It felt like I had ice blocks for toes, so I skipped the ice bath. Pins and needles in my fingers is probably due to grabbing the handlebars so tightly, but they'd loosened up, just in time for lunch!

The safety team were reluctant to leave the comfort of their vehicle today..but they were soon ushered out to get their duties done.


3hrs 34

51 miles

Avg speed 13.7 mph

Calories 2612