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Girls 4 Glasgow

Posted: 05/07/10

While Mountain Biking isn't included in this year's Commonwealth Games in Delhi, it will be in Glasgow 2014 so Welsh Cycling have started planning early. Over the last month, the Girls 4 Glasgow programme has been running in an attempt
to find some female athletes with the potential to represent Wales
in the MTB Cross Country (XC) event in 4 years time.

The scheme was driven by Scott Bugden, Performance Development MTB Coach, and followed a similar route to the previous UK wide Girls 4 Gold scheme. Athletes from a range of sports including Rowing, Athletics, Equestrian and Swimming were invited to take part alongside existing cyclists. All were tested in the same way, completing 2 sprint tests and a 3min endurance test on a Wattbike before their technical riding was assessed in the afternoon's skills session and trail ride.

With a few applicants inevitably dropping out as the testing days got closer, 17 finally got on the Wattbikes at one of two testing days. The first day, based at Nant BH outdoor Activity Centre, utilised the excellent skills area and parts of the classic Marin Trail and produced some really promising results, both from the experienced riders and from those who were new to the sport. The second day, based at Builth Wells to cater for Southern based athletes, was scheduled for the day before the Welsh MTB Championships. Again, results from the Wattbikes were really promising and thanks to organiser John Lloyd, the afternoon's ride was able to take place on the following day's course allowing riders to get a sneak preview and coaches to see riders in action on an actual race course.

At the Welsh Champs the following day, it was already clear that the programme had been worthwhile as no fewer than 7 of those that had taken part in the testing were on the start line with three of them filling the podium spots in the Women's race. Following on from that, the same three riders were all racing at the Dalby Forest round of the British Mountain Bike Series with Gabby Day sporting her Welsh Champion's jersey in the Elite race and Cheri Mills taking the win in the Master's Category. It's early days but things are looking good for 2014!
Congratulations to everybody who has taken part in the programme and thanks to Mike Tong and John Lloyd for organising venues for the testing days and leading rides.

Posted: 21/04/10

Welsh Cycling will be leading a programme looking for Female MTB racers who may be able to represent Wales in Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. The programme will be named Girls for Glasgow and it appeals to anyone with a sporting interest to come forward. Please see the information below on how to apply.

Is this scheme for me?
In order to be eligible to ride for Wales, you must have been born in Wales or have a parent who was born in Wales. The Girls for Glasgow scheme will be open to any female riders who are eligible to ride for Wales. Whether you are currently involved in another sport, another cycling discipline or you just like to keep fit, have the drive to compete for your country and are keen to give it a go, we would like to hear from you.

If you like what you see in the video, we want to hear from you.

What's in it for me?
Those applicants who are assessed as having the potential to represent Wales at the Commonwealth Games will receive support from Welsh Cycling in the form of individual and group coaching as well as support at races. They can also expect to benefit from the Welsh Institute of Sport's athlete support staff. Most importantly, if successful athletes fulfil their potential, they can expect to represent Wales at the Commonwealth Games.

What will I need?
You will need a mountain bike and a helmet in order to take part in the trail ride section of the selection process. If you have any doubts about equipment, please contact Scott Bugden using the e-mail address above.

How do I apply?
e-mail Please include your name, address, date of birth and a brief description of your past/current sporting activity.

Closing date for applications: 17th May