TransWales Day Zero


Gore Bike Wear TransWales
Event Date: August 15-23 2009

Besides generously providing a plethora of prizes the event's title sponsors, GORE BIKE WEAR, will be loaning their great kit out to the riders to try throughout the event as part of their ‘Try B4 U Buy' concept. The GORE BIKE WEAR guys will lend out jackets, shirts, vests or gilets to riders to try during their rides. Riders simply hand them back after giving the kit a really good test on the day's stage and GORE BIKE WEAR will wash the kit clean afterwards. If riders like what they experience they can buy a box fresh garment to enjoy and you can't say fairer than that now can you guv?!

The BBC will also be covering the GORE BIKE WEAR TransWales too; a camera team will be joining the event for a few days and coverage is planned to be aired on BBC Wales at 1.30pm on Wednesday (19th August) and in between 6.30-7.00pm Wednesday (19th August).

There'll be tech support from Elite Tech Performance Cycle Services to keep machines running smoothly through the rigours of it all, as well as massages from MTB Works to help ease weary legs and ready them for the next day's stage.