Incident Helpline - 0161 274 2015

Incident Helpline - 0161 274 2015


0161 274 2015 
Lines open Mon-Thur 9.00am-5.00pm, Fri 9am-3.45pm

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Incident helpline - how does it work?

The members’ Incident Helpline offers legal and insurance assistance to members who have been involved in an incident whilst riding or wheeling their bike and, where appropriate, advice and representation from professional personal injury lawyers and insurers will be arranged.

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Who is it available to?

Race Gold, Race Silver, Ride and Commute Members

Incident Helpline - the details

Your membership details and a brief description of the incident will be taken over the telephone and a report sent immediately to our appointed solicitors and/or insurers.

An Incident Information Form will then be sent to you within 24 hours of reporting the incident, which you should complete and return without delay. As there are sometimes disputes about liability after the event the form that you receive will be used by both solicitors and insurers.

Incident checklist

If you have been involved in a cycling incident you should, if possible, make a record of the time and place of the incident and details of any other vehicle(s)/property or person(s) involved.

You should not have any discussion with the other party with regard to liability. You may, however, provide contact details for British Cycling’s Legal & Insurance Officer who will be able to provide appropriate insurance details to a potential claimant. Contact details are as follows :

Legal & Insurance Officer
British Cycling
National Cycling Centre
Stuart Street
Manchester, M11 4DQ
Tel: 0161 274 2015

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Always make sure you obtain:

  • Contact details for the Third Party driver(s)
  • Make, model and registration number of the vehicle(s) involved
  • Insurance details of the driver(s) and vehicle(s) involved
  • Contact details for all witnesses
  • Witness accounts
  • Details of the incident location - including photos of the location and highway defect(s)

We recommend that all incidents are reported to the police immediately and where insurance particulars are not obtained from the motorist at the scene of an incident they should be obtained at the very earliest opportunity. If a motorist fails to provide this information or you have any concerns that the information given to you is incorrect or incomplete, this should be reported to the police immediately.

If you would like to receive the support of British Cycling’s solicitors you must report the incident to the Incident Helpline within 12 months of the incident.