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Leading on an Event

Hours Logged: 6

‘I had the lead role in the planning and delivery of an event at my cycling club. I had to be very organised and make sure that everything needed for the event was planned for beforehand. There was a lot to think about and I think that writing down all of the tasks and giving other club members roles to do helped. On the day of the event I had to arrive early to set up and help others with what they were doing.

I really enjoyed leading on this event and I feel that it has helped build my confidence when leading a group of people. I felt I communicated roles and activities well to other club members and this was a key factor as to why the event was a success!

I learnt about all of the planning involved in delivering an event, and how long it took to do this! I feel that I have learnt from this experience and would deliver a better event if I had the opportunity to. If I were to do this again, I think that I would get everyone together before the event to brief them on the activities, rather then giving instructions as I go along.’

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