Newport lift South Wales Gold Cup

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South Wales Gold Cup
Event: 4 November 2012

Newport lifted this year’s Gold Cup for the league’s top three teams after beating Exeter by two points at Exeter’s track, a young Poole team battled hard but were down on strength on the day.

Newport Cycle Speedway

Home team Exeter were missing Reed and Stone with Newport without Harrold and Lewis, so it was an even looking meeting on paper and this is what happened with The welsh team securing victory with a Davies/ Evans maximum heat win in the penultimate race which started great scenes in the welsh third of the pits.


Newport 100: Nicky Evans 17, Ollie Sidwick 17, Chris Davies 17, Mark Carmiichael 13, Jacob Soper 13, Colin Simmons 13, Becky Davies 7, Joe Sidwick 3.

Exeter 98: Aaron Herbert 18, Dave Murphy 15,Andy Collett 15, Dave Hooper 15, Craig Nethercott 12, Andrew Yard 10, Dan Winchester 8, Rob Geach 5.

Poole 70: Leyton Glover 16, Aaron Smith 13, Alex Lane 9, Nial Instone 8. Sam Lane 7, Shane Hanmer 7, Jay Briggs 7, Callum Smith 3.