Uk Sport Give Sports "Clear Line Of Sight" Through To London 2012


UK Sport Press Release

Released: 10 December 2009

Uk Sport Give Sports "Clear Line Of Sight" Through To London 2012

• Annual Review allows for greater certainty of investment through to London
• Team 2012 success means basic funded sports can now plan for next three years
• Performance targets for 2012 remain on track

UK Sport has today taken a major step to secure a more certain environment for Olympic and Paralympic sports in the current economic climate, with the combination of vital new investment from the Team 2012 initiative and adjustments to funding awards allowing for the mission to London to be kept firmly on track.

The high performance sports' body announced revised investment figures for all funded sports following a thorough Annual Review process. Initially, £6.5 million of new funds have been made available to UK Sport from the successful Team 2012 sponsorship scheme, which announced Visa as its Presenting Partner in September. In addition, UK Sport has reacted to changed economic conditions by adjusting the inflation level in all previously-made awards to 1.5%, making a further £6.5 million available.

This has enabled UK Sport to support women's boxing following the recent IOC announcement of its inclusion in the Olympics, allow for the recent inclusion of Intellectual Disability competition into the Paralympics and also offer increased funding to sports which had previously only received ‘basic' level support.

The result is that, at a time when many competitor nations are struggling to secure resources, Britain's Olympic and Paralympic sports are now well placed to maximise their potential for success at 2012. It comes after a successful year where the vast majority of sports have shown real progress on the journey to the Games, with 43 medals won at World and European level in Olympic disciplines and 149 in Paralympic.

John Steele, Chief Executive of UK Sport, said: "These decisions are vital to our overall mission through to London, and represent what we believe to be the best use of the resources available from a performance perspective. While future funding can never be guaranteed, especially in such a difficult economic climate, they help to draw a ‘line in the sand' around issues of funding and give sports a clear line of sight through to 2012.

"Over the past year it has become clear to UK Sport that key decisions relating to 2012, such as selection criteria and competition schedules, could not wait until the proposed confirmation at the ‘mid cycle review' in Autumn 2010. So decisions have been brought forward now that maximise stability without impacting on our medal targets, and we can move into 2010 without the burden of a major mid-cycle review.

"As always there can be arguments about how the cake is cut, but I am very confident we have done the best by British sport at this time. Future income will be allocated using our investment criteria, including that raised by Team 2012 and we remain hugely grateful to Visa for their support of the scheme."

The Review builds on the record £304 million of National Lottery and Exchequer money invested in December 2008. The key decisions, taken using UK Sport's no compromise approach and based on a detailed analysis of every sport's relative performance over the past year, are:

• All ‘fully funded' sports on the programme having the inflationary increase built into their funding award adjusted to 1.5%. This applies equally to UK Sport's own budget and to service organisations such as the English Institute of Sport.

• Boxing to receive a net increase of £950,000 based on the inclusion of women's disciplines in 2012 and the consequent increase in medal prospects given the talent already identified in the new classes.

• An increase of two podium athlete places to Olympic Athletics following a marked improvement in current performance and potential for 2012.

• A reduction of three athlete places in Badminton (one podium and two development), leading to a new funding level of £7.97 million for the Olympiad, reflecting the performance profile of current senior players

• 11 of the 12 ‘basic' funded sports receiving a doubling of their existing funding, based on clear evidence that they are performing well on this level of investment and deserve the opportunity to continue with more certainty. Table Tennis has had its award deferred until next year whilst UK Sport works together with the sport to implement the performance changes needed to ensure success in 2012 and beyond. Its funding currently remains at the £1.2 million awarded in January 2009.

• A further 13 sports that previously had only planning figures from 2011 onwards now having their investment confirmed, subject to normal performance criteria

• A proposed contingency fund of over £1 million to be available to support further medal priorities in 2010, including the Paralympic disciplines that will be included for athletes with intellectual disability once confirmed next year

• Wheelchair Tennis to support its own programme funding of medal potential with UK Sport investing £225,000 into Athlete Personal Awards

Steele continued: "The changes are made on the back of hard evidence and a detailed analysis that takes factors well beyond competition success into consideration. By doing this we know that relative to each other, every sport now has the investment they need to meet our performance aspirations for London 2012, which remain unchanged."