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British Cycling is working closely with national government to influence policy and decision making, striving to ensure that, across government cycling is integrated into issues as diverse as health, education, transport, justice, business and sport.

We know from experience that places with high levels cycling have achieved this with political leadership and sustained investment in high quality infrastructure that encourages and enables a wide variety of people to cycle.

We're also engaged at a local level, working with dozens of councils countrywide to develop cycling opportunities and increase participation.

London: we assisted the Mayor develop his ‘Vision for Cycling in London’ which commits over £900million investment over 10 years including creating the longest segregated cycle route in Europe. Find out more

Manchester: we supported Greater Manchester’s bid to deliver a generational shift in cycling levels by backing the ‘Velocity 2025’ which will create near European quality cycle routes across the city. Find out more

Get Britain Cycling: The parliamentary cycling group have led the way in Westminster. Working closely with The Times’ ‘Cities fit for cycling’ campaign it has published recommendations to ‘Get Britain Cycling’. Find out more

Chris Boardman: British Cycling’s own former Olympic champion is passionate about transforming the way we travel and making our towns and cities ‘people places’ where cycling is considered normal. Find out more

Download LSE British Cycling Economy report (2011)