New recruits: Welsh Cycling Volunteer Coordinator

New recruits: Welsh Cycling Volunteer Coordinator

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Bethan, who has just completed a degree in Sports management at Cardiff Metropolitan University has recently joined the team at Welsh Cycling, as Volunteer Coordinator.

"I have previous experience working at Sport Wales, Sport Cardiff and Badminton Wales and I have a background in Netball but have a great interest in cycling due to my family’s participation in the sport, mainly in Cyclo-Cross and MTB.

"I have experience of working with volunteers having been a Young Ambassador (Sports Volunteer) for the past 8 years where i've learnt a good understanding of how important it is for volunteers to feel valued and what motivates them as a workforce".

Bethans key job roles will be:

  • Communicate and engage with Commissaries and the volunteer workforce of Welsh Cycling.
  • To implement a Club Volunteer Coordinator in cycling clubs across Wales.
  • To develop a Youth Volunteer Scheme in Welsh Cycling.

"I am very much looking forward to this opportunity and am excited to get fully involved in my new role at Welsh Cycling"


Mobile: 07808524766