Scottish Cycling is pleased to announce the programme for the 2018 Commissaire and Event Organiser Conference!

Scottish Cycling is pleased to announce the programme for the 2018 Commissaire and Event Organiser Conference!

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The newly designed Commissaire & Event Organiser Conference will be attended by regional commissaires and current event organisers from across Scotland. The conference will feature topics and discussion on all the Scottish Cycling disciplines of cycle sport, with the focus on competitive events.

By bringing these two key roles together, the conference will encourage better understanding and partnership working at future events. Most of the conference sessions are therefore aimed at both roles to ensure consistency of learning.

Working with British Cycling to share knowledge, the content of much of the day is the same as that being presented at the ten British Cycling Sport Conferences in England.

The Conference offers opportunities for Commissaires and Event Organisers to learn together, take part in CPD and group discussion to encourage greater understanding of these two inter-linked roles.

Scottish Cycling is grateful to the expert speakers and volunteers who will be involved in delivering the sessions throughout the day and look forward to welcoming a range of delegates from across the sport to Perth in February.



Delivered by



Scottish Cycling

The Commissaire and Event Organiser Team

Experienced event organiser and commissaire from Scotland

Updates from Scottish Cycling

Scottish Cycling Events team

Workshops (one of three topics)

Mixture of Scottish Cycling staff and Events Commission members


Discipline Specific Sessions

Scottish Cycling Commissaire Commission Members

Learnings from an Elite National Commissaire course and how it applies regionally

Andrea Lockhart, Elite National MTB Commissaire and Scottish Cycling Board Member

Ask the Panel

Panel members from a range of disciplines and roles

 Not sure? Here is some feedback we have received after previous conferences:

“Gained valuable info to help us with future club events” @tencycling

“Always good to hear other people's views and discussion.” (anon)

 “Very positive environment and audience” @KirsteenT

“Great to hear the expertise of #Scottishcycling races organisers for setting up new races. Enlightening.” @shuggiet

 “The day flew in! good format. Enjoyable day.” (anon)

Interested? Please sign up here: by the 2nd February to secure your place.

If you are a new organiser there is specific training held annually aimed to help you get started. Please get in touch with if interested.