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The Scottish Cycling Board is a group of dedicated volunteers who work on behalf of the membership. For their time and efforts, I would like to sincerely thank them for their continued enthusiasm and commitment. I look forward to that journey down the road of new and exciting opportunities for Scottish Cycling in the coming year." - Kathy Gilchrist, Chair

The board normally meets five times per year, typically January, March, June, September and November. Other ad-hoc meetings may also be arranged.

Board members are also allocated to the four Strategic Groups of Finance & Governance, Performance, Development, Membership Communications & Commercial. Strategic Groups normally meet four times a year and are in addition to Board meetings.


Tom Bishop -

Chair of the Board 

Kathy Gilchrist -

Chief Executive

Craig Burn -

Board Appointments

Alasdair MacLennan -

Andrea Lockhart -

Malcolm Paterson -

Martin Cooke -

Mike Mason-

Kate Cullen -

Gareth Edwards -

Joyce McKellar -

Company Secretary

Stephen Hilbourne -

Board minutes will be posted on the website after approval at the following meeting.