Can you help the future stars of our sport?

Can you help the future stars of our sport?

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A number of volunteering opportunities are available for people to help be part of this prestigious National Youth Circuit race taking part in the heart of Cardiff this May.

The Maindy Youth Crits take place around the civic centre one day ahead of the Velothon Sportive and promoted by Maindy Flyers. The event will see over 300 riders from across Wales and the UK do battle in this latest round of the season long series, and such an event requires a large number of volunteers in a number of roles ensuring the smooth and safe running for this event.

The details of the roles are listed below and we would like to welcome members to come forward to help play a part in this fantastic event that will form a vital part to the early developments of our young riders. Simply complete this online form and you will be contacted around 2 weeks before the event with more detailed information for the role applied for.

Thank you for your support in helping to develop the champions of tomorrow.

Crossing Marshal

The role of this marshal is to oversee the safety of riders and spectators during the event. You will be stationed at critical crossing points. Equipped with radios to communicate with the organiser in the case of emergencies, you will be equipped in high visibility uniform and flag. You will be equipped with a job card to enable effective radio communication and will have some training on this prior to the event.


The crucial role of keeping the event on track falls to the runners. Carrying vital messages between the various volunteers and assisting with the movement of essential race equipment, this vital role ensures that the event keeps moving forward according to the schedule.

Gear Checkers

There are 5 different gear ratios that are used in youth cycling. The Gear Check ensures that the bikes being used for each event fall within the required rules of the competition. No prior technical knowledge is necessary for this role, assistance and training will be provided.

Sign On Official

Prior to each race, competitors are required to “sign on”. As a Sign on Official you will be welcoming riders to the event, ensuring they have gone through gear checks, checking licences and handing over race numbers and transponders. You are an initial point of contact for the race and have lots of interaction with the competitors. You will also be returning licences to competitors after the event.

Riders Whip

How do you ensure that all riders are ready to go for the event? The riders whip has the role of gathering the riders together ahead of the next event, crucially ensuring that the events start on time and stick to schedule.

Car Parking Marshals

Bike events lead to a high number of cars all turning up at once! Parking marshals direct traffic to certain areas of the car park to ensure that high priority vehicles such as the race convoy have easy access and priority areas.

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