#ChooseCycling network passes half a million employees as Tesco signs up

#ChooseCycling network passes half a million employees as Tesco signs up

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Tesco has thrown its weight behind British Cycling’s #ChooseCycling Network, taking the number of employees represented by the group to over half a million.

The network, which celebrates its first anniversary this month, calls on the government to prioritise investment in cycling. Existing members include other heavyweight businesses such as Aldi, Coca-Cola, Virgin Trains, Citi and National Grid, all of whom believe that more cycling would be good for their workforce and customers.

With MPs set to debate the issue of funding in cycling in the House of Commons this afternoon (Wednesday 3 February), Tesco, which employs 300,000 people in the UK alone, has now added its voice to the growing campaign for significant, sustained government investment into cycling infrastructure.

Matt Davies, Tesco’s chief executive, said:

“Cycling is a great way to help stay healthy, and it’s also great for the environment too. At Tesco we want to do everything we can to serve our customers a little better every day, and a better environment for cyclists is a great thing for the communities we serve.”

Throughout its first year, the network has lobbied politicians to ensure that the government recognises the environmental, social and economic benefits that cycling can bring, and puts in place infrastructure to give people the option to travel conveniently and safely on two wheels.


Prime minister David Cameron is a firm supporter of cycling, and has previously called for a ‘cycling revolution’ in Britain. Following the Comprehensive Spending Review, the onus is now on the Department for Transport to fund this revolution.

Chris Boardman, the former Olympic champion who heads the #ChooseCycling Network, said:

“The prime minister has called for ‘cycling revolution’ and has repeatedly talked about his support for cycling. The onus is on him and his government to deliver on their promises and as it stands they need to do more. Over the course of this parliament, the government will invest £61billion in transport. If just 5% of this was invested in cycling we could see a real transformation – instead just 0.5% has been earmarked for cycling.

“Throughout the first year of the #ChooseCycling Network, we have made the obvious benefits of cycling  plain for all to see: less congestion, cleaner air and healthier people all add up to happier communities; communities that we’d all want our children and grandchildren to grow up in.

“Tesco is the latest influential company to publicly state their support for our aims and to join the #ChooseCycling Network. The network now represents over half a million employees and countless millions of customers. These numbers, and the momentum and level of support behind making Britain a true cycling nation, are things which decision makers must take notice of now, before it’s too late.”