Regional Development Officer: Fiona

Regional Development Officer: Fiona

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Name: Fiona Walker

Location: South West

Hometown: Stewarton

Q.  Describe your job (in your own words)

A.  Everything cycling in south west region!

Q.  What did you do previous to working as a Regional Development Officer?

A.  I was a GP for 10 years then personal trainer/fitness instructor for 2 years.

Q.  Favourite cycling discipline?

A.  Track

Q.  Other hobbies (as opposed to cycling?)

A.  Eating and drinking!

Q.  How do you you like your tea/coffee?

A.  Milky coffee

Q.  What is your favourite meeting snack?

A.  Custard donuts

Q.  What would you say is your greatest achievement in your role as RDO?

A.  Getting Stepping Stanes youth club back up and running

Q.  What would you say is your greatest achievement outside of work?

A.  Winning a bronze medal in British Masters

Q.  What are your aspirations in your role as RDO for the next year?

A.  Develop regional championships, grow youth participation

Q.  What is the best way to contact you?

A.  Email