#BehindEveryRace there is a team of passionate volunteers

#BehindEveryRace there is a team of passionate volunteers

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#BehindEveryRace there is a team of volunteers, officials and organisers who help to support a busy cycle racing calendar each year.

Welsh Cycling recognises the hours of time and dedication given by volunteers to support cycle racing, without who many events simply would not happen. #BehindEveryRace will showcase the work existing volunteers, officials and organisers contribute to the cycling community in Wales and also provide opportunities for people to be part of the network of commissaires, CSAS marshals or NEG riders.

Alistair Waldron, Workforce Officer at Welsh Cycling said: “#BehindEveryRace is an exciting campaign that will help us showcase the work our dedicated volunteers give back to the cycling community each year. Hopefully this will inspire more people to come forward and join the volunteer ranks in Wales.”

There are currently 29 active CSAS marshals in Wales, who support over 20 road races every year ensuring a safe road race for participants and spectators. They are joined by over 20 NEG riders who deliver on many cycling racing events each year, from the Welsh Road Race Championships, to the Tour of Britain and assist on other large scale events to ensure public safety. The teams of NEG and CSAS marshals enjoy the thrill of cycle racing, and watch the events from their unique perspectives alongside the peloton or at a junction as the race leader whizzes past their station. You too could join their ranks and enjoy this experience!

Amongst the cycling community in Wales, there are 46 commissaires across the six disciplines of cycling. They are passionate about cycling and help to make the event safe and fair for all competitors. From Commonwealth medallists to proud parents, commissaires come from many different backgrounds, but all love the buzz of cycling. Find out how you can step on to the first rung of the commissaire ladder and be #BehindEveryRace

Welsh Cycling offers all volunteers free training to become a commissaire, CSAS marshal or NEG rider and supports them on their volunteer journey. Upcoming courses available here.

If you want to find out more about becoming a volunteer in Wales, contact Alistair Waldron Alistair.waldron@welshcycling.co.uk or call 01633 274 691