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Member profile - Phil Wheeler

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Phil loves to ride before the crowds hit the road in the villages surrounding Saffron Waldon, while also getting involved in sportives and helping his local club.

Name: Phil Wheeler
Age: 39
From: Newport, Essex
Club: Walden Velo

What kind of riding do you do?
Commuting to and from work about 2-3 times a week when I can and club rides on a Sunday morning.  I have taken on assisting with group rides as well as trying to develop my own cycling techniques from more experienced riders within the club. Where possible I try and pass on what I have learnt to others for them to experiment.

I also participate in sportives locally. This is starting to get further afield and I am sure they will involve other countries in the not so near future.

What do you enjoy most about cycling?
Getting out and about especially early morning before the rest of the world has woken up in the summer.

What’s your favourite ride?
Parts of stage three of the Tour de France route from Cambridge to London, especially the bits through the lovely picturesque Saffron Walden and the surrounding Essex villages. There are a few little climbs which can test a rider/group if you don’t know they are there; they catch up on you if you’re not careful!

What’s your top cycling tip to share?
Spin a high cadence and when you get tired remember to keep spinning. You stay faster for longer, well it works for me.

If you had a tandem, who would you like to ride it with?
I’d like to be on the front with Wiggo behind me just so you can say I was ahead of the world hour record holder on a ride. It the only time I’d get close to him anyway.

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