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In his video from Copenhagen Chris Boardman says that our towns and cities could feel like this too. We need to take action to make this change and contacting your MP can make big difference.

This government has committed to publishing a Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy and this could be the catalyst for change if it is a meaningful strategy. It has also promised to double the number of journeys cycled by 2025. This will take new levels of commitment and investment in cycling infrastructure to transform our roads and junctions - but the savings to society for achieving these aims are significant.

To help the government fulfil this promise Chris Boardman has challenged Robert Goodwill MP and the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Greg Hands MP, to join him on a trip to Copenhagen to see the world’s leading cycling capital city.

By asking your MP to write to Robert Goodwill MP and Greg Hands MP to take action they will be required to respond and realise how important an issue this is.

Find your MP

Take a few minutes to email or even better, write (by hand!!) a short note to your local MP.

We suggest writing your own text or something like this would work:

Dear [insert name of your MP]

The government has committed to producing a Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy and to double the number of journeys currently cycled by 2025.

Investment in cycling in [insert your local area] is important because [insert reason]

I urge you to write to Robert Goodwill MP, Parliamentary under Secretary of State for Transport and Greg Hands MP, Chief Secretary to the Treasury to ask them to produce a meaningful Cycling and Walking Delivery Plan, and to join Chris Boardman on a study tour to Copenhagen to see best practice in action.

Investing in cycling is incredible value for money; it would save the nation billions through improved public health, help create towns and cities which are good for business and improve mobility of the poorest families.

Kind regards

[insert your name and post code]