Lyme RC lighting the way thanks to Sport England funding

Lyme RC lighting the way thanks to Sport England funding

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Sport England’s Small Grants scheme uses Lottery funding to make awards of between £300 and £10,000, helping more people to get into sport. Lyme Racing Club in the West Midlands was successful in applying for Small Grant funding after the club came up with an innovative solution to keep young people participating in cycling over the winter months.

We caught up with Norman Bassett, Go-Ride Club Contact at Lyme RC, to find out more about the club’s successful funding bid.

What made you apply for Sport England Small Grants funding?

As a club we had been looking for a lit facility so we could offer Go-Ride sessions beyond September, when it starts getting dark early. Our existing facilities didn’t have floodlights, so we looked into purchasing some portable floodlights for the four different venues we use. The cost to buy portable floodlights was beyond what our club funds could stretch to, so we decided to look into applying for funding to pay for them.

Tell us about your application.

We had been thinking about applying for a while, but we originally thought it would be too much hard work and so we kept putting it off.

After discussing the funding application with our regional development manager, Nick Yarworth, and realising the support available from the Go-Ride regional team, we put in a bid for portable floodlighting and rollers with the aim of keeping young people interested over winter – and we were successful in securing £9,786.

What difference has this funding made to the club?

It has meant that we will be able to start our Go-Ride sessions five weeks earlier than usual and finish five weeks later, effectively providing young people with an extra 10 opportunities to get involved in cycling.

This will have a big impact on the numbers of people taking part, not only due to an increase in number of sessions taking place, but hopefully it will also help to increase retention of riders by engaging with those who may otherwise lose interest over the dark winter months.

We held our first floodlit Go-Ride Racing event on 30 January, which is something a bit different for the kids.

What would be your top tip for other clubs applying for Sport England Small Grants funding?

Make sure you plan your bid! Before you sit down and fill in your application form, break down the process from start to finish and think about how you will use everything you apply for.

Sport England Small Grants funding is there to be had, it’s not a competition between clubs as to who gets funding, so don’t be afraid to apply.

Don’t forget your regional development team is there to assist, so make sure you ask for help.

For more information about applying for funding via Sport England’s Small Grants scheme, contact your Go-Ride Regional Development Manager or visit