Updates and improvements to the Club Management Tool

Updates and improvements to the Club Management Tool

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As you may have noticed British Cycling have recently released a newly designed britishcycling.org.uk, alongside Scottish Cycling and Welsh Cycling sister sites.

In line with this we have also made some updates and improvements to the Club Management Tool.

Club profile

This section of the tool is the first to be integrated into the new site design. You can edit the club image, kit image and logo as before.

However the other elements now sit on tabs that mirror the way that the new public profile looks. The 'about our club' text can now be edited on the about tab.

The contact tab allows you to update the way people can communicate with the club and as an additional new feature, functionality has been added to allow you to link to your club’s Facebook page and Twitter account to your profile.

The generic 'when we train', 'what we do' and 'we are open to' sections which allow you to select which disciplines of cycling you do and what type of cyclists you are open to, are now controlled on the training tab.

You may also notice that your club name now appears in the URL this will help your club appear further up the results when someone searches for it on a search engine such as Google.

Club membership

Acting on feedback received from Club Tool users we have updated the subscription manager functionality within the Club Membership area of the tool.

Now when you go into the club subscriptions area you are now able to see the name of the club member in the top table view without having to click to view each single transaction.

Club activity manager

All issues with the Club Activity Manager have now been resolved. You can now edit and update all activities listed on the system both individually and as a series. The issues have now been resolved with the count me in button on the public view of the calendar.

We are working on improvements and updates all the time and any future developments will be announced in the monthly Club News email.

We welcome and value any user feedback as this is extremely important in aiding the future development of the tool and its features.

Please send all feedback on the Club Management Tool to clubtool@britishcycling.org.uk