Scottish Cycling back Road Share Campaign

Scottish Cycling back Road Share Campaign

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Scottish Cycling has grown to be the largest membership organisation for cyclists in Scotland and is well positioned to be a voice for all cyclists.

The road network is a primary facility that all cyclists use in making their journey from home to other networks such as paths or the more specialist facilities such as trail centres, bmx facilities or using the roads for recreational and purposeful trips in their own right.

Scottish Cycling believes that everyone should have safe and accessible cycling facilities on their doorstep with the shared use road network well suited for that purpose.

In sharing the road Scottish Cycling believe that there should be a road hierarchy based on mutual respect between motorists, cyclists and pedestrians and is backing Road Share a campaign.

Scottish Cycling considers that support for the campaign will be one tool to help change the culture on our roads and ensure that vulnerable road users are treated correctly in the event of a road traffic collision. Such a change in culture will help encourage others to enjoy the benefits of cycling. Scottish Cycling is encouraging it’s members to support the campaign and to further develop this cultural change.

Jim Riach, SC Corporate Services Manager states “Scottish Cycling is backing this campaign, as one of our actions to lobby for improvements to the cycling environment, that will be of benefit to everyone in Scotland, and continue to support the growth in cycling that is so good for our health and economy”.

The campaign is focused on changing civil law in Scotland to introduce a system of presumed liability so that cyclists and other vulnerable road users who are involved in road traffic accidents are compensated fairly and quickly. 

Presumed liability establishes a hierarchical structure to identify responsibility in the event of a road traffic accident, bringing certainty to the legal process. 


At present, the UK is out of step with Europe as one of only five EU countries (along with Cyprus, Malta, Romania and Ireland) that does not operate some form of strict liability for vulnerable road users and yet it is not unprecedented in UK Civil law.

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