Club Management Tool: Analyse your membership with the snapshot report

Club Management Tool: Analyse your membership with the snapshot report

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Once you’re up and running with the Membership Manager feature of the Club Management Tool, you can start using the snapshot report to communicate with your members and generate reports.

The snapshot report shows you up to date segmented information about your club. It breaks down your club membership and displays charts showing gender, age category and racing licence. It also segments your membership by club subscriptions and any custom fields you set up.

Andy Akers from Holmfirth Cycling Club said: “The ability to generate reports is very useful for club presentations and for media purposes, allowing a quick visual interpretation of club numbers and gender/age splits.”

Each section is listed above the chart with a numerical value. If you click on the number you will see a list of all the people in the section and you can email them directly.  This makes the snapshot an effective tool to communicate with the different sections of your club.

If your club is applying for funding, you can use the snapshot report to find all the information you need to support your application. The information can also be used to complete the annual Go-Ride survey and can be used as evidence for Clubmark.

Alison Hinds from Welwyn Wheelers CC said: “Once your membership is established in the Club Management Tool, running off reports for British Cycling or Sport England is easy.”

Top Tip: If the snapshot report doesn’t provide all the information you need, you can create your own custom report. You can filter, group and sort the data in the way that you want. Once it’s been created, it will be available to you in a variety of different formats.

For help and advice using the Club Management Tool, please phone 0161 274 2094, email or visit Club Management Tool Frequently Asked Questions.